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Cool, so just grab the data and dump it into the existing sheet and just vlookup between pages on the sheet. Seems easy enough (assuming I can understand how vlookup works and can convert the JSON). Will give it a go!


Thanks for the help, it worked - you can see my implementation in the Vol2 tab of my DanMeshi sheet. I ended up having to split off a column and then do a =LEN thing in the data-source sheet (since I need to be able to sort by frequency, so needed the stars represented numerically as well as visually) but it all seems to work nicely. This should save me a bunch of time (and more importantly annoyance) going forward!


I spend most of my time saving time =D



I’m trying to figure out how to set up ichiran. I finally have a text file and I just want to make a frequency list of what’s in it, but I don’t understand how it works at all


Welcome to my nightmare.

Once it’s installed and working, it’s great.

But getting that far isn’t always the easiest…

What operating system are you using?

Do you have Docker installed on your system? If so, the Docker build for Ichiran may be the easier way to go.

For Windows users who don’t mind less sophisticated word/expression recognition as a cost for easier setup, I’ve seen Japanese Text Analysis Tool recommended.

But if you’re up for the hassle of getting a superior system set up, we can look over what it takes to get Ichiran up and running on your system.


Oh gosh :skull: I’m not great at tech either

This might work perfectly! I’ll see if I can get it set up. It’s for a single project, so that’s probably better

Thank you so much!


(I didn’t want to post this on the 玉藻の恋 ABBC thread, lest I unintentionally scare away any potential first time readers, so I’m posting it here instead.)

I had forgotten what my percent of known words is for 玉藻の恋, which the ABBC starts this upcoming weekend.

I decided to pull up my manga vocabulary site and look through the list of manga (sorted by percentage of words known) to see how long it would take me to find 玉藻の恋.

Each page has 36 series listed.

Page one has manga ranging (for me) from 83% known words down to 77%.

Didn’t find it there. Not in the top 36.

Page two gets me to manga in the 77% to 75% range.

Still not there. That leaves the top 72 out.

Page three ranges from 75% to 73%.

That’s 108 entries, and I still haven’t reached it yet!

Onward to page four, which ranges from 73% to 72%.

Even the manga adaptation of かがみの孤城 is showing up before 玉藻の恋 for me!

It’s not until I’m scrolling down page four that I see…

It’s in 125th place on the list!

The good news is, it’s not actually on par with かがみの孤城:

What makes 玉藻の恋 score so “low” is the high number of words that appear only one time (67%).

A higher number in this field is common for a volume that has more variety of events taking place. A volume with little happening and sticking to one locale tend to have heavier word reuse. And considering 玉藻の恋 is only a single volume long, I expect it’s the former.


I’ve been finishing up some series I’ve been reading, lowering the number of series I’m in the middle of.

And yet, I’m still reading enough series that these are the first panels of my planned reading for tomorrow:





:joy: I take it you’re still reading more than a dozen …

That’s still taking coincidence to a new level sheesh, what is your manga collection trying to tell you :thinking:

Only if you also count the ones that are on hiatus mid-volume that I must complete before the end of the year.


no pressure then!

is that view from kurifuri? I haven’t seen that one, but I haven’t been back to kurifuri since I switched to manga-kotoba

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It’s my Mokuro bookshelf (available on Github).

It uses my fork of Mokuro (available on Github) that adds some extra Javascript so that the browser’s local storage (used by Mokuro to store which page you’re on and your settings for a volume) and adds information such as a reference to the cover image.

The bookshelf portion is a single HTML file that reads in the Mokuro data from the browser’s local storage, displays cover images and progress, and lets me access all the manga I’ve opened in Mokuro right from the page.