Christmas Discount in 2018

Is there a Discount on Christmas 2018?

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It’s usually once per year around Christmas time, though nothing is officially announced until around mid-December (last time it was put on sale on December 18)

The sale is for the lifetime subscription, it gets reduced from $299 —> $199, and if you have an active monthly or yearly subscription going at the time, the remainder of your subscription will go towards being discounted from the $199 sale price, so it can come out to less than $199


We don’t announce sales or the details too far in advance, just in case things change between now and then.

That said, there was a Winter Sale last year, and the year before, and the year before that… you get the idea. So I’d say there’s a good chance you’ll see one again this year, and that there’s also a decent chance that the lifetime plan will be on sale again. If you have emails from us turned on in your account settings, you’ll get message letting you know when the sale is about to start and how long it will run for.


Should be getting close now. When someone sees the sale, please post the link. Not sure how else I would hear about it. Thank you.

Not sure if you’ve seen yet, but the sale is live. Just go to your subscription page on WaniKani itself.


You’re a life saver! Thanks, Radish8.

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Nice purple badge :wink:

Will there be a sale this year?

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