"Cheating" with Anki

Having fun making my way through WK, seems a bit slow right now but I know from reading other posts it will pick up considerably in the 20’s and 30’s.

I have an absolutely boring job right now at work, my employer basically pays me to sit there and I’d spend 4 hours a day staring at the wall if I didn’t entertain myself somehow. So I downloaded a 2200 kanji deck for Anki, and am doing like 50 kanji a day, only memorizing the meanings (not the pronunciation). I’ll be done all of them by Halloween, is my goal (also when this stupid job ends).

Is this a good idea, or am I somehow sabotaging myself down the road with WK? Will the WK system still work if I’ve already learned new (possibly slightly different) mnemonics for kanji? I assumed it would make things easier in the latter half, but now I’m not so sure.

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What if you went through some non-WK vocabulary? (e.g. 下る)
I don’t think it would hurt you to study more, but that much at once might be overwhelming…

You might get, as @UInt2048 suggest, more value out of learning additional vocab rather than pre-learning kanji.

May I recommend [Vocab] WaniKani Expansion Pack v1.0 - 1/13/2016 - Now on Memrise! which will teach you 4000ish bits of common vocab that wanikani doesn’t teach, organised by WaniKani level. I have a version of that deck in Kitsun.io and it’s been a great way to expose myself to common grammar that would be useful to know, but wanikani can’t fit in.

The example given of 下り is a good one for the kind of vocab you’d learn. It means downhill, for example, which you’ll agree is common and useful.


I’d rather advise you to learn non-kanji vocabulary if you don’t already do. You’re gonna learn a of stuff on here that is in your Anki deck anyways so it would also reduce redundancy.
On top of that, I think it’d also be more worth to study カタカナ-only vocab since that’s also something that definitely won’t come up on WK as well.

But in my personal opinion and experience using KameSame, you’re not hurting your WK journey. On the contrary, even. Studying a language is all about quantity. There is an article about that topic on ToFugu somewhere.


Out of curiosity, have you studied anything besides kanji?

Sounds like it would be a good time to work on grammar and other non-kanji studies if you can


Maybe Remember the Kanji would be better suited for your goals at the moment. They have an SRS system here: https://kanji.koohii.com/
Plenty of people learn the kanji first and then the readings, and probably the same number of people look at readings alongside meaning. I have done a little of both, and I find that the vocabulary words can be quite different than what it appears to be if I just consider what the kanji translates to, so I prefer something like WK (I didn’t before. I needed to learn vocab by rote for a while before the kanji made sense to me). You just have to find what works for you.

Well, I can’t view them anymore. ^^; And can’t remember everything I put on there, but I don’t see any problem with using your own mnemonics, because the main point is the SRS-system anyways. :man_shrugging: (the mnemonics are helpful but not really necessary)

Maybe just quoting this will help…

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Thanks for reminding me of my many typos! :joy: I remember them well!

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