"Cheating" to remove kanji you already have burned

Is there a way to jump something to “burned”? I have previous Japanese experience, and there are some items I could have answered correctly on the first try, before they even hit my lessons. Is there a way to get rid of these?

Hope I did my research well and this hasn’t been asked a gazillion times already… :upside_down_face:


Nope, there isn’t a way. If WK is worth it for you, it depends on how much you already know.

Here’s a post about someone that did WK from lvl 1 until 60, even after having passed JLPT N1 beforehand:


That’s really too bad. Thank you for the info and the link, though! That will help me decide :slight_smile:


It’s asked every week


I think the simplest solution (if WK wants to implement this, which I doubt they do), is to let you “ignore” certain kanji.

You can’t ignore radicals (because they are used to learn other kanji in the future), and you can’t ignore vocabs (because one kanji can have several readings and meanings, many of which are reinforced in the vocabs).

But if you ignore a kanji, it would stay (technically speaking) unlearned. You don’t have to do the kanji lesson, but you unlock the vocabs for that kanji. Although you have not learned it on WK, it would behave as if it were burned.

That’s the closest thing I could come up with a solution for people who already know lots of kanji before WK.


That… actually sounds like a good idea :thinking:


The downside is that it could be abused by people, who just ignore every kanji (regardless of whether they know the kanji or not) and they only do radical and vocab lessons. They could then level-up in 3.5 days every level (0 days for levels without radical) and get to level 60 in no time.


Should be easy to make a different badge for people who skip :man_shrugging:


I don’t think WK wants the users to screw up the SRS that badly. And if somebody subscribes to WK but feels that WK fails to teach them much, that’s bad publicity/word-of-mouth that WK doesn’t need.


I think it’s possible to write a script that provides and submits correct answer for chosen items.
I don’t see why it’s cheating in any way. I would say WK users are not supposed to compete in any degree. It’s not a race, we are here to learn. I see why skipping certain items may help reach learning goals more effectively if someone has prior knowledge. It doesn’t concern me if someone was to storm through all levels in 1 week.

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Completely possible, and likely fairly easy. Coding it out in my head, doesn’t seem too bad.

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Somebody on this forum may or may not have built one for themselves. :eyes: (it wasn’t me)

The problem is that most people that would want something like that would probably still be annoyed at having to wait.

So that’s how @Kumirei beat me to 60…


I think I’ve read about a couple of people here who add a letter like “A” as a synonym for all the radicals. It doesn’t help for readings but it could help ignore at least the meanings.

And there’s an Anki mode script which lets you lets you avoid typing the answers and just select right or wrong.

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Exactly. Learning is painful (Koichi himself said that), and it should be painful. Anything that you learn without feeling pain will be forgotten in a jiffy.

Have you tried my electroshock user script?

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