Character doubling when writing kana

When doing Wanikani reviews on an Android device I get some strange behaviour when inputting kana using the website’s IME.

The odd behaviour relates to ん and っ.
For example if I type nkoko I would expect this to produce んここ. Instead I get んこここ, i.e. one of the こ gets double. Similarly if I type gappapa I would expect がっぱぱ but get がっぱぱぱ.
I can get around this by always fully typing out ん and っ, i.e. writing nn and xtu, respectively, but that is a bit tedious. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m getting this on my Android phone and tablet but not my laptop.

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No, I’m not sure why that would be happening.

You don’t need to use the IME, though, when doing reviews. You can just type with the regular keyboard.

Does it happen when you’re not on WK?


WaniKani uses the library WanaKana, but the version they use is very out of date. Does this issue happen here?

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I had issues like that back when I used the western keyboard on my phone, on PC it works fine. These days if I’m using my phone for reviews I use the kana keyboard.

I have the exact same issue on my phone as well. My desktop, laptop, and tablet work normally. I honestly thought it was just me since I’ve never seen anyone bring it up before.

@Saida by IME I meant using the Android keyboard to type romaji and then have them automatically converted to kana. Sorry for being imprecise.

@seanblue No I cannot replicate the issue on the site you link to.

Since others seem to be having the same issue, I guess I should file a bug report. Thanks for confirming.


Yeah, this seems to indicate that the bug has already been fixed in the wanakana library. You should let them know that you tested this so they’re aware. There are other issues that would also be fixed if they upgraded to the latest version of the library, so hopefully they’ll finally do that.


I’ve reported the bug and what I tested on WanaKana to and linked to this thread. I’ll report back, if I get a reply. Thanks to all for the quick replies, the advice and for confirming that I’m not the only one encountering this bug.


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