[Android] [web interface] Kana repetition when typing with alternative keyboard


I’m regularly using wanikani on my phone, in the web browser (firefox/fennec).
I’ve recently switched phone, and now when typing something some kanas repeat themselves, e.g., しゅうでん becomes しゅしゅうでん.

If I type slowly it does not happen.
If I use the Gboard keyboard it does not happen (but it happens with all the alternative keyboards I tried: AnySoftKeyboard, Hacker’s keyboard, OpenBoard).

This problem was already discussed in these old topics:

I could use a third app (people mention Flaming Durtles works fine), the Gboard keyboard, or type directly the kanas.

However, my question is how to debug/fix this problem for alternative keyboards? Is it something that should be fixed on wanikani side, or is it something that should be fixed on the alternative keyboards side?

Try going to https://wanakana.com and see if you have the same problem in their demo typing box. That should help narrow down where the problem is.

I didn’t see the demo typing box. Thank you. I do not have the problem there, so it seems like a wanikani problem.

I also ran into the issue today. I’m using a tablet+keyboard to type.

I was able to fix it by installing g-board and setting it as my default keyboard on my android tablet.

Hope this helps.