Will the input on mobile ever be fixed?

Kind of annoying to always have to double check and erase all the extra hiragana that is often inputed whenever I do reviews on my phone. Would it at least be possible to optionally turn off the script that replaces latin characters with hiragana. That way I could just use a japanese keyboard.

I remember this being an issue when I first tried wanikani years ago and part of why I dropped it back then. With coming back now and seeing so much having improved, I don’t understand how this issue is still around.

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The issue was fixed for a while but it came back again. I can’t remember how long ago right now, maybe around the beginning of the summer is when it started happening to me again. I never got around to reporting it, but since it’s been brought up I think @Mods should be made aware of it.

A detailed description of the bug for the staff:
When using a hiragana keyboard on mobile, the input field in the WaniKani review screen often will duplicate what I’m typing even before I’m finished. If I’m not paying close attention I’ll accidentally submit the answer written twice which is marked invalid.

This issue seems to happen on jisho.org as well for some reason and they don’t even have a kana converting script, so I’m not sure what the cause could be.

I know that many people will just tell me to download one of the third party apps, but that’s merely sidestepping the issue. I believe WaniKani should function properly on mobile browsers.


Sorry, I don’t recall this exact issue! I remember there was something similar but I think it only happened with a specific type of phone (older version).

If you could email hello@wanikani.com with a screen recording, that would help us see how we’ve worked on it in the past.

Other information that would be helpful:

  • phone and OS version
  • type of keyboard
  • browser
  • is it during reviews or lesson quizzes or both?
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You may also want to ask what keyboard they’re using. In the past, these issues have sometimes been limited to specific keyboards.


To be fair, the bug is likely with your phone/keyboard, not WK itself. Like how many keyboards will auto-capital the first letter, making it katakana. With the large number of phone/os/keyboard/etc combinations out there, its impossible to test every scenerio. And also hard to “fix” a bug that is outside your system. Complex workarounds and jank may ‘fix’ it. But these fixes are messy, may cause other issues, and are prone to breakage.

But, let the team know all the details about your system/setup you can, and assuming they can simulate the setup to some degree, they may be able to do something.


Good point, thanks!

I’ll try to send an email with the details and a recording when I next have reviews to do.

To me it happens during both reviews and quizzes but only for hiragana input.
I am using samsung keyboard v3.0.24.96
This thread from a while back seems to describe pretty much the same issue.

The extra characters are only created when I type something on the keyboard (including backspace) and if and what characters get duplicated seems somewhat random. So I might type the same word without problems sometimes while other times have to erase a lot of extra characters.

I’m guessing it’s caused by samsung keyboard sending multiple input/composition events.

I think it’s a Samsung keyboard specific issues but I’ll pass it on to my colleagues to see what else could be done. Just curious, is there a specific reason why you use a Japanese keyboard when there’s a built-in IME on WaniKani?

Also what browser and device are you using? And Android version?

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  • Phone: Samsung SM-A320FL
  • Android: 8.0.0
  • Browser: Firefox 92.1.1

I use a japanese keyboard when I want to for example google things in japanese. I have three keyboards that I regularly switch between. English, Swedish, and Japanese.

I do not really use it for wanikani reviews because it has the same duplication issues as the english one. But if there was an option to turn off WaniKani’s built-in IME then I could use the japanese keyboard for reviews.

Also because of an annoying issue on SwiftKey that Auto-caps the first character no matter what is suggested by the website’s input field. One way around it would be for WK to accept mixed kana answers (so katakana first character and hiragana for the rest), or to not convert to katakana ever if the website detects that it’s a mobile device.

This doesn’t actually affect me anymore since I use Anki Mode, but it contributed to my switching to Anki Mode in the first place.

Thanks for the info and the feedback! We’ll look into options for this issue.