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Hello guys. I am currently on an anual subscription to wanikani, but it is about to expire. Last year I used a discount code, so I wanted to know if when this year subscription expires, at the moment it renovates automatically, will it use the code automatically also? Or should I cancel my subscription and then renovate manually to be able to type the code again? Thanks!

If I’m understanding the question correctly, you can just go ahead and upgrade with the discounted lifetime offer now. It’ll refund you the portions of your annual sub you haven’t used yet (so for example if you were 6 months into it, you’d get the remaining 6 months worth of discount on your upgrade).

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Im not entirely sure he wants the lifetime offer doe…

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I think all discount codes last forever. You can confirm by looking at your Subscription page. There should be a blue box that says, “The coupon below will be applied towards this transaction. Note coupons do not stack and are only good for subscriptions; they are not valid for the Lifetime option.” And below that, it will show you the coupon you used, and “Good For: Forever”.

If you see those, then you can just let your Annual Subscription renew automatically, and you will get the discount again.


Hello Guys, @Vanilla is right, I wasn’t refering to the lifetime offer, but thanks for your answer @somewanikani I wasn’t aware that any time left on my current subscription would be discounted .

@rfindley Thanks, I checked and you’re right, it says FOREVER, so I think it will be applied when I am charged for next year.

I would get the lifetime subscription since it’s a good deal right now, but unfortunately I don’t have enough money at the moment, so I guess I’ll pay one more annual subscription and by the end of next year I’ll get the lifetime subscription if they offer the discount again.

Thanks guys!

The lifetime, even discounted, will likely be $199, so one annual + one annual (even partial) + discounted lifetime will very likely come out to be more than the $300 undiscounted lifetime would normally cost. So if you can’t do lifetime now, you’ll probably be best off with another annual in the end. Unless you think it’ll take more than three years, in which case it’ll just be down to doing the math.

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