Ch 13 Grammar week (Genki 2 and friends grammar club - Week 1)

Hopefully I’m not too late here. I wasn’t sure if I should join in, but I figure I should give it a try.

I’ve been learning on my own for about 16 months, mostly reading manga (Absolute Beginners Book Club) and looking things up when I need to. I’ve been using Bunpro and I’ve learned almost all of the Genki 1 grammar points, and a quite a few from Genki 2. At some point I tried reading a few chapters into Genki 1 before getting bored with the textbook format. Hopefully doing this more actively with others will help!

My weak points are probably vocabulary, getting the right particles (manga leaves out particles all the time) and a lack of practice forming sentences on my own. I want to be able to confidently speak basic things in Japanese. My concrete goals this year are to start listening and speaking in Japanese, finish the N4 grammar on Bunpro, and maybe get a tutor as well.

I’ll be following along using Genki 2 Second Edition and the Bunpro Genki II path. In the past I’ve also found A Dictionary of Japanese Particles and A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns really useful (as well as Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar Patterns already mentioned).

Anyways, here’s a few sentences covering this weeks grammar points. Corrections and comments welcome!


If it’s violin, it seems fun.

だけど、たくさん趣味があるし, 時間がないし、新しい趣味をして見ることができない。

However, because I have many hobbies, and because I have no time, I cannot try doing new hobbies.


I’m studying Japanese 2 times a day (not exactly what I’m doing, but I couldn’t think of anything better to say using 〜に〜回)