Support Kana / Kanji in Wanikani Searchbar

Being currently part of one of the reading groups in the forum, search has become a lot more relevant for me to find specific parts in the forum thread we are all discussing in. However with this I noticed that with the Wanikani Search, I am not able to search for Words/sentences containing Kana. For example if I “Search this Topic.” and type in おすし, it gives me just “No results found.” Despite there being plenty of post with this kana portion in.

Same goes if I mix Kanji with Kana like 外国でも, it will tell me there are no posts containing this. That makes it really hard to search for anything in the Thread.

The example thread I am talking about is here.


The forum is hosted by Discourse, there’s nothing the WK people can do about the search bar of the forum.


A workaround for the public parts of the forums would be using Google Search.


Unfortunately that doesn’t help much for searching within a book club topic for questions that have already been asked.

@Andulien I think many of us in the book clubs would agree that the forum search is less than ideal. Unfortunately, as @plantron said, there’s not much the WaniKani team can do about it since the forums are hosted by Discourse. What you can do if you want, is create an account for and post a topic to suggest that Discourse work to enhance kana/kanji (more likely UTF-8 in general) search.


Thanks for the answer, to bad that this is not as easily fixed.

I searched the Discourse Forum a bit and seems that others had a similar issue. It sounds like there is a fix for it, but I am no expert at this and also don’t know how the Wanikani Forum is setup. This is the Discussion that had taken place on Discourse with a fix according to the contributors. Maybe someone from the Wanikani staff ( @viet ) could have a look at this and see if this could be a fix for the Wanikani Forums? Thanks and keep up the great work.

Here the link with the Post starting on the fix discussion:

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Wow this is a bummer. All I can do is submit a ticket on this one. We don’t control the server and build of Discourse, so installing add-ons isn’t an option for us unfortunately.


Thanks for the very quick response and look at my post :slight_smile:
Maybe a ticket will help. Let us know if something turns out, since I’m sure many would love to have a better Japanese search possibilities here :smiley: At least I would :innocent:

Yep. Just shot them an email. Hopefully we can get this resolved.


Discourse Team issued a fix and it is now live on the forums (I think). Can you give it a test?

I’ve searched 外国でも and it is now returning results with Search within topic checked.


It worked for me. It was a little sluggish at first but it found

It is so weird that this wouldn’t work before.

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For those who are interested here is the commit which fixed the issue:


Am I interesting?


Can admins use their superpowers to erase edit history? :thinking:

You are in my book.


I tested it through as well. Did Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and all mixed searches and no problem :slight_smile:
Am happy that I raised this issue and that it got fixed so quickly. I’m sure many will appreciate the improved search functionality. ありがとうございました!!!


Yes, but there is an edit history

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