Can you guys add an override for when you get a question wrong?

Why would I pay this much to shoot myself in the foot by cheating? When I get a wrong answer, I’m happy to send it back to a previous stage.

Wait until you fail a Burn review to a straight up typo or finger slip and see how you feel.


If you really typo’d a burn review, why would you complete the review? Just let it reset after 2 hours.


I’m sure I’ll be fine when I fail a burn. I know for a fact that will without a doubt happen. Whether by accident, or I actually don’t remember. If by accident, it will just help me by solidifying that word/kanji into my brain even more.

Why should we have to wait two hours to use a product we paid good money for?

As there’s such an easy workaround, how can it be destructive to add the override button, but not destructive to let someone wait?


Might I ask why you have been on Wanikani for so long, and yet you have never complained about this before? I’m not trying to sound mean, I’m just genuinely curious.

Because no one is going to wait to cheat on everything, but waiting for one typo on a burn review is not that much of a hardship. It’s also not really meant to be used for that purpose, it’s just a natural result of the fact that the system needs to reset incomplete reviews at some point.

It’s just a case of, since it does that… why would you go ahead and intentionally force yourself to wait months instead of 2 hours.

Accidentally fat-fingering 二人 as ふたろ or whatever on the keyboard and hitting enter and getting it marked wrong even though I KNOW the word and KNOW the reading—could recite it by heart while being jabbed by a cattle prod—and having it sent back down the queue to be reviewed soon doesn’t help me learn anything though. In fact it wastes my time that could be spent learning fresh vocabulary that haven’t been cemented into my brain.

I understand that WaniKani involves a degree of hand-holding—if we’re honest with ourselves, I think most of us can admit it’s part of why we chose WK opposed to something like Remembering the Kanji—but the longer I use the service the more it irritates me. As others have said, code it into the service and just make the override button disabled by default. I find that it’s irritating to have to install scripts on the three different computers I use regularly, and having to deal with occasional browser updates or whatever that break things.


I’m well aware of the attitude of the creators (as well as the hypocritical userscript using fanboys), I’m just adding my input on this thread, when yet another newcomer has come to the obvious realization that WK is missing basic functionality that you get free in Anki etc.


Anki doesn’t even make you answer anything. You can just convince yourself you got everything right. If you think paying users don’t cheat, I don’t know what to tell you.


Would it really, though? You already know the word so it would barely make a dent in the time it takes to do all of your reviews. Especially if it is only one or two.

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I don’t care if paying users cheat. People can (and I’m sure do) cheat now with the userscript. Shoot yourself in the foot if you want. Don’t use that as an excuse for withholding a necessary feature (and you all use the script so you know it’s necessary) from an honest paying user.

All it would do to include it in the base app would be for those of us who have trouble with tampermonkey permission to be able to use it. Have it off by default, give a lecture before turning it on, and done.

It’s also the principle of paying for software. Why should we see this as any different from asking Netflix for a search feature or something and them just telling us to grab Tampermonkey and install a script by leetdood420. Great, does leetdood420 get part of my subscription money? What am I paying you for?


Yes, cheating on reviews and searching a video library are equally fundamental to their respective platforms.

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As a new user I’m glad an override isn’t available… I’d find it a bit too tempting to be honest.

Perhaps a compromise would be to add the override functionality at a higher level when the user has adapted to how wanikani works but I think the lower level users like myself don’t need the temptation.

And of course the easiest way to avoid that typo, is to double check every answer you are entering … it takes a few extra milliseconds before hitting enter.


Yes, correcting simple typos that delay progress on reviews and searching a video library are equally fundamental to their respective platforms.

Fixed that for ya.

So you’ve come up with a way to make sure it’s just for typos. You know they already have fuzzy spellcheck for that general idea.

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Do they really delay progress if you already know the word so it will only add a few seconds at most to do them in a review?

Doesn’t work for readings.

Also, you realize that people already cheat with the userscript right?

You could make turning on this feature literally the same number of clicks as setting up tampermmonkey, and give a scarier lecture about the damage it could do to your SRS progress if you abuse it. Isn’t that better than the status quo?


Yes, a typo could significantly delay a level up for example, depending on your availability to do reviews.

We already established that the fact that it’s possible to inject JavaScript and WK endorsing it by adding it are not equivalent.

If you’re pressed for time, I can see how that maybe be slightly annoying. But if you’re learning it without a time limit, that shouldn’t really be a huge problem, especially with a lifetime subscription.

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