Can you go DOWN a level?

Say I’m at level 5 (which I am altho my badge still says 4?)), and one of the kanji I guru’d at for level 4 comes up to get to guru ii. I fail it, so it goes down to apprentice iv. Woule that put me back a level? Or, if I ended up way down at apprentice i for like all the kanji in level 1, 2, 3 or 4, would that put me back?

Just curious how that would work!!



No, you can only go down a level by intentionally resetting yourself to a lower level, which is nonstandard behaviour and comes with big warnings.

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You can synchronize your badge by logging out and logging back in.

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Reaching guru stage is called ‘passing’ an item, and once passed, it’s always passed.

Unless you reset to a lower level.

Same with burns. Once burned, the item is always burned, even if you resurrect the item. Then you can always manually reburn it, as well.


I was actually wondering about that! :eyes: I was considering unburning some stuff, but didn’t wanna do the full SRS necessarily, and now I’m really exited about doing so! Thanks! ^>^

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