Can... can you lose a level?

If I miss a bunch of returning kanji, can I fall back a level?

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No, you won’t lose a level. It just makes it harder to progress to the next level because you’ll be trying to relearn the Kanji that you’re struggling with. What may help would be to focus on a few Kanji and to maybe think of ways to remember that fit you a little better.

It’s kind of like school. If your percentages get too low you flunk out of Wanikani and Koichi won’t let you back in.


Don’t tell anyone, but this is how you get to level 0 :eyes:


Yes. If any of your level 1 kanji go below guru, you are moved back to level one and start all over. That’s why you see so many people around the forums that used to be higher level.

I joke.


The only way you can lose a level is if you deliberately reset your progress (WaniKani danger zone).


You can only lose levels in older editions of Dungeons and Wanikanis, like if an undead hits you with a soul-draining ability, or if you’re a wizard who casts a Wish spell.

The current edition is a lot more streamlined and got rid of all the level-drain stuff.


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