Can we have an "Oops" Button like Bunpro has?

In Bunpro, there is an “oops” button, for when you accidentally misstyped something, that you actually knew.

It undoes your answer, and you can type again, now correctly.
Whenever you make a typo in wanikani it treats the answer as if you were remembering it wrongly. This happened to me some times now, and the latest one (making me write this thread) was my typo when writing Gaikokujin. I know the kanji, I know the meaning, I know the reading, all I did was slip with my finger on my keyboard and now it’s “wrong”.

With an “oops” button like in Bunpro, I could have just said “yeah it was a typo let me do that again pls.”

Would be very appreciated.


look up user scripts.

And add the Double Check.


Frankly, I don’t want to :smiley: I have absolutely zero clue about scripts or programming in general, and no interest in learning scripting. If Bunpro can give us such a button without scripts, then asking WaniKani to do that as well isn’t too much to ask, is it? ^^

But if that helps someone, then good for them^^ I’m not a script perrson.

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Quote from the description of this forum’s Feedback category:

I don’t think there is any chance of them implementing this feature. If you ever reconsider your stance regarding userscripts, here is a step-by-step guide for installing userscripts in your browser:


You don’t have to know how to build a washing machine in order to use it, although it does help.

Running scripts is the same. If you’re doing your reviews on pc it is a pretty simple procedure.

You’ll have a harder time convincing wanikani to change its stance here.


as others have said, you don’t need to know scripting to use scripts. and they offer a lot of extra functionality. i don’t use any undo scripts, but i do use the one which gives me a shake if i misstyped the kana.

alternatively to scripts, the phone-apps (tsurukame, flaming durtles, etc.) come with a bunch of the functions from userscripts prepackaged.

Bunpro needs an “undo” because its answers are so complex and the opportunity for small mistakes is high. So it incorporates that feature.

I similarly do not use scripts, nor do I have any interest in doing so. Half the time I do Wanikani on my phone. On my laptop I am in “S-mode” which prevents the installation of scripts.

I would like an undo feature, but understand we won’t get it. It’s not nearly such a big deal on Wanikani anyway. I look at a mistake as just an opportunity to get more reviews with that word. I’m in it for the memorization, not for getting to the end for the end’s sake. If I review a word a few extra times, that’s probably actually good.


Re: scripts, the problem with them comes up when people (like me) use WaniKani on multiple browsers, some of which we may not have complete control over. For example, I use WaniKani on my personal PC, my Work PC and my phone. It’s a bit of a hassle to install scripts on both desktops, and the functionality won’t be on my phone at all.

Not saying scripts aren’t great, but there are cases in which they can be inconvenient.


Honestly the time you wrote that response is about the same it would take to install the script. you literally don’t have to do anything manually


Agreed on PC, but I couldn’t use WK at all without Tsurukame and it has several script features baked in.

Yeah, but the phone apps still don’t have the flexibility of PC scripting. I doubt that there’s an app that covers all script functions I could ever want.

That said, I currently use Flaming Durtles, maybe I’ll give Tsurukame a go.

It’s IOS only. Flaming Durtles is the one you want for Android. I’ve heard really good things about it.

I use flaming durtles, but people have mentioned android browsers, that support scripting and can mimic the desktop experience perfectly.

you literally click install :roll_eyes:

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