Can I use ”会う" to say I'm meeting my teacher?

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Genki 2 workbook has a fill in the blanks for reasoning using し, and one of the sentences says that you need to translate “I have to meet my teacher”. But when I went to search for the verb “to meet” on Jisho I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. Since 出会う says its usually used with a negative connotation, and the 会う says it’s used normally with close friends. So, would it be appropriate to use when referring to a teacher since usually they’re older than you and you need to show respect? Thanks for helping guys. :sob:

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出会う means to meet by chance, so it’s not for when you “have” to meet someone. The note about negative connotation is about the kanji spelling of 出遭う (which mostly has to do with 遭 in general).

会う is fine for meeting your teacher. Check which kanji are being used for these usage notes.


What you’re missing in both of those notes is that it’s the specific kanji being used that has those connotations.

Edit: Speak of the Leebo, and you shall be Leebo’d.


You have all the voacabs and explanations in the Genki books. I’m a bit surprised you’re asking this about genki 2 workbook. Have you done any of genki 1 excercises?

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poor decisions may or may not have been made, and I may or may not have skipped Genki 1 altogether because I thought I was so good :sob: (clearly I have work to do to make that statement true) , I know these verbs from classes I take but I search them to make sure I’ve got the right ones. But I confused myself reading little notes underneath the words referring to other kanji in the dictionary.

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Well, since you’re older and wiser now, no time like the present - either do genki 1 or choose another beginner resource (Human Japanese will be faster imo), and concentrate on one source for a start. When you self learn, it’s important to use a reliable consistent source to cement the basics. You don’t have to invent the wheel - the real shortcut is using material that is tailored to your level.


I have been trying to learn Japanese for many many years. I always give up after a while and I have tried many different paths. This has always meant when I try to restart, Im a bit confused where to restart from as I have different knowledge in different areas. This time around I decided to bite the bullet and start from Genki 1, the first few chapters I flew through since I already knew the grammar points and vocal but now I am up to chapter 7 it has taken a lot longer and I am learning stuff I didnt know and would not know had I skipped to Genki 2. I would maybe consider taking a step back and going over Genki1 first. What you have already learnt will help you catch up quicker in the long run.

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