What can you still do after ending subscription?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering what can you do in WK after ending suscription?

Specifically, can I review content I’ve already unlocked and use the scripts still?

I’m starting the last three months I’m planning on using WK and I was wondering if there’s any use I can give to the website and specially to the scripts that I’m using for lessons (the kaisei phonetic -semantic been the one I’m really hoping I can still use :upside_down_face:) after I’m done with my last lessons.

You’ll only have access to the content in levels 1-3, so any unlocked content beyond that will become inaccessible, and scripts should still be intact if you have any level 1-3 items left coming up in reviews


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: … not a whole lot of reuse value going on with that golden badge I’m aiming for :sob::sob:

bitter cake news those are … :cake::pleading_face:





Have you thought about buying a lifetime membership? Now is definitely the best time to do it, before the sale ends January 8th!

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Yep, I read somewhere someone unsubscribing and couldn’t use the self study script so I think it’s fair.

I think you are in a great position to burn everything by the end of the year if you wish so.

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Unrelated to the topic here…

But LMAO I’m at work and have WK open in a very small window;
and all I gotta say is that your avatar didn’t look like a squid, AT ALL my guy. :sweat_smile:


So you are planning on finishing the last levels at full speed and finally be free to do more reading and listening? 頑張って!
I’m further off from that goal than you are but I’d also like to speed up again and get it over with…

There are some Anki decks with WaniKani content and one could probably convert and import the Keisei content into these decks. I was using one of those decks to review selected WaniKani kanji before the JLPT. But they are all outdated now after the big content overhaul and would need some work anyway.

But I’m guessing that this is a bit frowned upon here and not the right place to discuss it.

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I’ll be done with WK in three months… lifetime subscription seems too expensive for the expected benefit at this point…

Actually it was a planned decision to avoid lifetime or yearly subscription altogether from the beginning… I could only afford to spend so much time in a tool like WK… 17-18 months of WK seemed an ok compromise to force myself into gradually merging studying with using japanese regularly.

among my japanese learning retired tool: first there were textbooks … in a couple of months WK … Anki eventually too…

I’ve no fondness for these japanese learning tools, as great as some are… I wanted to read and watch stuff from the start, and now that it’s looking more and more something I’m able to do… so I’m eager to collect my golden badge and be done with it :slightly_smiling_face:

exactly my plan :hugs: … but setting this deadline is no coincidence either; I’ll move to Japan in April and I’m planning to do a quick and dirty review with RTK while in there but this time using japanese keywords, as it seemed like the brightest idea I’ve heard regarding kanji learning after some point… so my kanji quest it’s far from over anyway…

No need to. I’ve found the thesis on which the scrip is based on (it has been shared by the author). It lacks the appeal of the website, but the content it’s all there… it actually looks pretty much like RTK 2.

my thoughts exactly :rofl::rofl:

  • If you’re worried about losing some knowledge in kanji => lots of reading and maybe learn how to handwrite eventually.
  • If you’re worried about losing some knowledge in vocab => lots of reading and if you end up realizing you don’t know a word from WK any longer, just add it to Anki. Though I’m biased for Kitsun and I forever will.

I intend on burning everything for the sake of legacy, that’s all.


Oh, how nice and exciting! Well that will certainly give you an extra push in motivation.

Yeah, I have everything I need from WaniKani in Anki (which might cost wise be even better for the WK team since I would not be using server power and have a lifetime subscription? :thinking: ) but I still prefer to do my reviews here. No matter how nice you style your Anki decks, it is just not the same. They did a great job at making the site pretty and addictive.

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totally on spot!! … I signed up for Shodo lessons alongside those months I’ll be doing RTK :nerd_face:

I’m dreading the day I’ll leave Anki much more than WK actually… been refining the “art” of doing my own flashcards for quite some time now feels like neglecting such a huge part of my day…

SRS tools should come with a weaning off strategy… to bad Anki doesn’t have a golden badge… :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh how true… but every time I delete a deck once I realize it isn’t really the best use of my time it feels so great. So I’m sure that when the time is right I’ll just delete my last one and move on with life and be happy. But that day is faaar ahead in the future for me, I’m afraid.

(And when I say “delete” I mean “export to apkg first and then delete because I like having a safety blanket”… )

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you don’t trick me…
you’re as much a “SRS junkie” as the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh boy, I guess your right~!! 受ける笑笑 :joy: I should probably crop it huh?

I get what you mean. We get to a point where we just wanna actually use the language and leave the textbooks behind us, at least to a point where we don’t need them as often.

But I do have to recognize that SRS works very well. I’ve learned 3000+ words the last 4/5 months because of it. I doubt everything would work as well as it did without SRS. I’m using WK intervals, so once something is burned, I’ll never think of it again (unless exposure tells me I’ve forgotten them). In July of this year I’ll know at least 15k vocab because of SRS.

It’s awesome not to have SRS to worry about, but if it wasn’t useful, we wouldn’t get stuck to it like we do.

But not on WK. 20 to 80 reviews a day doesn’t feed my hunger :rofl:

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haha it really is a squid though… I’ll crop it now lol


Screenshot every review and make your own WK flashcards. Thousands of papers? Maybe. But, the trees started it with all the damn oxygen so.

While not going through WK at your speeds, I’m also not intending to buy lifetime and just letting it lapse after reaching level 60.

Now I am curious if the badge even stays golden, or if it ends up being a sad, grey badge. :thinking:


It does stay golden ^^