Can I slow down the lessons?

Is there any option to decrease lesson speed? I dont like feeling behind , but its hard to manage while working full time


Most people don’t do all lessons as soon as they come available, because it can indeed be quite the workload after a while. Many do something to the variation of 10 lessons per day, so you can try something like that and find a pace that works well for you, whether this is more or less lessons per day. :wink:


most use the rule of thumb: apprentice under 100, 10-20 lessons a day, less if you want more time.
Try to find out a good pace for you.


Do it at your own pace. I try to do the lessons leaving my reviews for the next day under 150 because I know I can’t do more than that

I try to do lessons every day, so I sometimes have to slow down. One of the userscripts gives a heatmap, and a lessonstreak, I don’t want to break that streak.

There is no obligation to do all lessons as soon as they are available. Just do them at a pace that suits you. The remaining lessons will wait until you are ready to do them.


There is definitely an obligation to do all lessons and reviews as soon as they are available.
こいち will come to your house and burn it down with lemons if you don’t.


This script looks at the amount of apprentice items you have (which is a pretty good indication of how busy you’re gonna get) and only shows a certain amount of lessons based on that. Basically, if you hate having that number not be zero, it will make it zero if it is not wise to do any lessons rn.

You mean there is no obligation?

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Yes, stupid typo. I will fix it.


I think we need to design a more redundant language. It doesn’t make sense that a typo can invert the meaning of a whole sentence!


Remember this is not a game. You can take as easy as you want. The system already puts a cap on what you can do so you don’t overload yourself with useless repetition.

Do it at your own pace and let the SRS take care of the rest.

:frowning: I’m level 29.


9 lessons a day is about my limit , but the reviews keep piling up! once i master them do they go away

Once reviews get past the Apprentice stage, you see less and less of them. That’s the “Spaced” part of a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) like WaniKani, so in a sense, yes. They don’t fully go away until they are burned, though.

Items you’ve learned go away completely only once you’ve “Burned” them (answered correctly every single time for a period of several (6?) months). However, once you correctly answer (meaning + reading) an item, the time interval to the next review increases so you can plan accordingly.

The intervals are approximately 4h, 8h, 24h, 48h, 7 days, etc. (minus 1 hour or rounded down to the closest hour).

If you do 10-20 lessons per day and manage to do reviews on top of that, you can hit the first 4h mark in a single day :slight_smile: .

If you stop doing lessons and continue doing reviews, the number of reviews accumulating on a daily basis will decrease.


I agree.

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A few tips that may help you

Things are going to pile up and you are going to have to ignore those damn numbers. Understand new items not as obligation, but as permissions. The system is not saying what you should do, but what you are allowed to do. The system does that because doing things fast is not good for memorization.

Because items are going to pile up, you can have sessions any time you want. So establish a consistent daily routine. You may use WaniKani one time a day, or five times a day. It doesn’t matter, just be consistent and do it everyday.

For sprinters like me, who have a lot of time in their hands (thanks, COVID, for killing my market space), we know when to stop because, well, it’s impossible to continue.

You, on the other hand, are going to learn to limit yourself and be happy with it. If you decide that half an hour is your limit, then just do half an hour and give yourself a cookie for doing your daily obligation. If you don’t put a cap on your sessions, your are going to be more likely to feel frustrated. (Your limit the number of items instead of time, if you prefer)

Finally, prefer doing reviews over new lessons. Reviews go away, so eventually your are going to have no item to review in a session i.e. your self-given limit is 30 items, but after 15 items, you don’t have reviews available at that moment anymore; than you grab 15 lessons to finish your session. I think that like this your brain is going to handle the memorization task better.

(English is not my first language and I revised this post many times. My head hearts and I feel that every single sentence is wrong. Sorry for any mistake)

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Basically, you gotta manage it yourself. Sorry. But I feel your pain.

My brain HATES seeing I have 100 lessons sitting there, laughing at me. But I have trained my brain to shut its big fat mouth and stop hindering my progress. What I did instead was built a process where I take those dang things down by chunks and still progress, while ignoring the number.

When I am at, below, or just above 100 Apprentice items, I will do 10-20 lessons. To help keep them in my brain, I use BishBashBosh on Apprentice 1 items at the 2 hour mark, then as close to the 4 hour mark I come back and do the reviews for them.

I do this every day. If I am 120+ Apprentice items, I skip lessons.

I have been able to keep an average pace of 8 days per level and have been at it 260 days. My target is level 60 by November but end of 2021 will make me happy as well.

The key is finding the pace and process that works for you, then just sticking to it.


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