Can I gift a wanikani subscription?

'tis the season etc. etc.
Would love to give a few months to a family member who’s starting up Japanese.
Is it possible? Or should I just hand over fistfuls of cash?


I don’t think there’s a built-in way to do it yet, I’d email them at and see if you can get it arranged

Nice gift btw :crabigator::gift:


I wonder if it would be possible to gift a few months of WK for the WK staff to decide who to give it to – possibly if enough people donated a month here or there, we could even collectively give people a yearly subscription if they don’t have the means. :thinking: (@anon20839864 @koichi)

ETA: It could even be structured! In the subscription page there could be an option “gift X months/X years/lifetime to a specific-person-of-your-choice/someone-of-WK’s-choice”! It could be a really nice gesture from those of us who are generous and lucky enough to have the extra funds to the community.


Yeah! We can arrange gifts. It’s not particularly pretty and it’s all a manual process, but we can make it work. Just shoot us an email with details.

I I know I don’t want to have to choose who to give gifts too - but, yeah, I agree official gifting would be nice.


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