Quiz on entire level?

Once I level up, is there a way to do a quiz on the entire preceding level or must I keep doing Reviews and Extra Study as my quizzes? Thanks all!

Not sure what you mean, but:
You dont need to do extra study at all if you don’t want to. You do your reviews after you initially learned each peace once, so when you advance a level you should have almost all Kanji from that level at “guru” and can immediately do all remaining vocab from the last lesson, if you choose to (if you are a beginner I would highly advice against doing that).
There is no inherent option to immediately tag off items to never see them again, but I am sure there are scripts somewhere on these forums to do exactly that. :slight_smile:

Your best option is to use the script Item Inspector which also requires the Self Study Quiz script. The combination of these two scripts makes it so you can quiz yourself on any items in Wanikani. You’ll just have to spend some time setting up the tables/filters to get what you want; however, in your specific case, there is a default table called “Previous Level SRS” that will show you all items from the previous level (split by their current SRS stage). Once that table is selected you can use the buttons in the toolbar to launch a Self Study Quiz session with the items from that table.

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Maybe you really do want to do a comprehensive quiz after every level, but since you’re new to WK I’m just going to point out that that’s a a lot of extra job for no particular reason. Just because you level up, doesn’t mean you’re finished with those items.

Rather, each item is timed individually and given a schedule for when you’ll next review them. You’ll be reviewing the same items across months from now so, you don’t really need to review in-between that.

Read more about the SRS timings here:

While it might seem doable right now, I think it’s going to become increasingly hard /difficult to find time to do comprehensive quizzing of all level-items, especially since you don’t need that to memorize most of them. Instead, do spot cramming of the items you fail. They’re enough of an issue I find. ^^;