Slight change in definitions?

Took a 2-day break from WaniKani and as I was going through reviews, I discovered one of the vocab had changed its definition. I had always remembered 日光 as daylight, and I remember always answering as daylight. But it turns out it means sunlight instead??

Does WaniKani modify the definitions? I’m very confused. It’s not a big deal, but just a little annoying.

They have a blog where they post changes (it’s linked to on the dashboard), though it probably wouldn’t contain this update yet if it was as recent as you say. But what else would they do with all those feedback emails if they didn’t change stuff occasionally?

Personally, I would have said “sunlight” if you asked me what 日光 meant, though. So I don’t know what that means about how long its been sunlight.

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I remember that one as “sunlight” from back when I started in 2014. Maybe you’ve been answering “daylight” without a space, which might be just close enough for the typo-forgiveness to let it pass, whereas “day light” (with a space) doesn’t pass?


I recall it as “sunlight” as well. I last reviewed for a burn on Feb. 4, so I’m pretty sure it was “sunlight” then. Imo, this sounds like @rfindley said has happened.

@rfindley Haha, maybe? I’ve gotten to the point where my fingers just do its thing and only stop when I see ‘red’ (aka I got the answer wrong). Might entirely be my fault then for not checking the definition properly :stuck_out_tongue:

@Leebo Didn’t know they had a blog! Good to know, thanks. “Sunlight” for 日光 makes sense. I probably just got into the habit of always typing “daylight” and was surprised when I got it wrong. As I mentioned above, I probably have been answering that incorrectly for a while now lol

Yeah, I feel dumb for not double checking the definition when I first learned it. I come from a Chinese background so I auto-associated a meaning and didn’t properly review it. I’ll be more careful from now on :slight_smile:


I see. Well, it’s a good reminder to take the notifications that pop up seriously.

The word for daylight appears to be 昼光 btw, and that makes sense.

The ‘close but no cigar’ script was good for this. If your ‘meaning’ is marked as correct but slightly off, the script would stop you from advancing and let you retype it. I think that script isn’t currently working, but I’ve added that same functionality to an updated version of Ethan’s [Double-Check] script. But you have to enable it at the top of the script:

        // Shake when slightly off (i.e. "Close, but no cigar" script)
        shake_when_slightly_off: 1,

It defaults to 0, and needs to be changed to 1.


The “Close But No Cigar” script still works. I rely on it every day.


Ahh… I remember now. I think it was incompatible with another script, so I merged the functionality to eliminate the conflict. Or something like that :grin:

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Sounds about right. I’ve been meaning to try your version of Double Check now that is has that, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

That’s why I would love a different colour background for the “answer a bit off” and “other meanings” info tags. I use the Close but no cigar script when reviewing on desktop, but I can’t on mobile.

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Hello, i recently learnt this word too and it did have daylight as an answer. (i think maybe the first synonym) so i am glad i have seen this post for when i have to answer this vocab in the future :):sweat_smile:

Yeah, my laptop screen is just small enough that I can’t actually see the popups that appear for those, so I don’t even realise I’ve made typos or that there are alternative meanings. It’s fine if I’m using an external monitor, but it would be really nice if a different colour was used for the answer bar.

Oh, that’s very helpful! I’ve yet to integrate any scripts to WaniKani, but I’ll def be adding these to my list. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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