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リンボ B

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Week Start Date Chapter
Week 11 Feb 24th リンボ B
Week 12 Mar 3rd Cont.

The choices are under double spoiler. So you can unblur one choice at the time (minimizing spoilers). OBS! Some choices have a time limit.

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Guides if you want to check choices yourself (link to English guide for those reading on PC)

These are the general links to the guides. You’ll need to navigate to the current route yourself.
Japanese guide #1 ← This is the one used for choices
Japanese guide #2
English guide - this is a review (that links to all the guides), so don’t read past the walkthrough links unless you are okay with spoilers. It does note when minor spoilers start and then major spoilers. Reader beware!

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Can confirm that this part is much shorter than part A, took me about 2 hours I think? All around very cute, nice reprieve from the horrors of the last part haha. Though Limbo was a fool, but his heart was in the right place so it’s okay I suppose :laughing: I figured he probably had something planned when he ~mysteriously left~ suddenly, but didn’t really think he actually went all the way to Europe and all the nonsense that followed, what a time. I suppose it makes sense for there to be a little romantic epilogue thing at the end, probably what the B part will be for all the routes if I had to guess. It’s official, first route down! :muscle:


Definitely much shorter than the other part, side A took me 9h and this side only 2h. I’m really going to miss playing this game for the following week :pleading_face: But it makes the new pace feel more than reasonable.

Yep, it seems that this Side B will be the ‘full romance’ part of the stories. I guess the good news is if someone isn’t into that they can just skip it and not lose anything in terms of plot. Kinda nice to have a wholesome moment before going to (presumably) even crazier stuff in the next route. Seeing the characters show their insecurities painted them in a more realistic light. Limbo showing up with a ring and being like ‘Don’t worry I’m not proposing or anything crazy!!’ really addressed all my fears lmao. I also though it was funny they went to this fancy hotel and Teuta just fell asleep the first minute :joy:. Limbo’s arm being numb was too real.
I was a bit surprised to have Helvetica show up in this. I guess all I can say about him is that he seems like he’s at least a good friend, even if he’s (probably) awful as a romantic interest.