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Week 13 Mar 10th シュウ A
Week 14 Mar 17th Cont.

The info on how to unlock シュウ A can be found here: BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 Unlock All Routes (Visual Novel Book Club). It is part of this week’s reading. Make sure to read the specifics around シュウ’s path since it is a bit different from all others.

Choices for シュウ A good and bad endings:

So the way this was presented in the guide I picked to use, the whole path to the good ending is shown, and then it notes when separate saves need to be made; the bad endings are then started from those extra saves.

It means it is easiest to play through and get the good ending first, but the info below should be easy enough to use to play the bad endings first if one so desires. :slight_smile:

Do note that we voted to not include bad endings and extra CGs and such as part of the playthrough, but I don’t see a good reason to not include the choice info here. But feel free to skip those and focus on the good ending. The good ending is what will unlock the part we read after this one, so it is necessary while the bad endings are not.

For シュウ specifically, I mentioned an option X and an option Y for the good ending. They play the same here in A, only the second one you choose to complete will be different from the first, but the order doesn’t matter. If you do X first then X will play like Good Ending A, and then Y will play like Good Ending B. If you start with Y, Y will be Good Ending A and X Good Ending B. I hope that is clear enough without giving spoilers!

Good Ending A - with either X or Y





※セーブする1 - this is for bad ending



Good Ending B - with the other of X or Y


※A new memorabilia should unlocked after this

Bad Ending



Guides if you want to check choices yourself (link to English guide for those reading on PC)

These are the general links to the guides. You’ll need to navigate to the current route yourself.
Japanese guide #1 ← This is the one used for choices
Japanese guide #2
English guide - this is a review (that links to all the guides), so don’t read past the walkthrough links unless you are okay with spoilers. It does note when minor spoilers start and then major spoilers. Reader beware!

Discussion Rules

OBS! Since bad endings are not an official part of the book club, please put any discussions of those under its own spoiler, and not mixed in with spoilers/discussions of the good ending.

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter/part and any content in future chapters/parts.
  • When asking for help, do your best to provide context. Pasted text, screenshots, descriptions, etc. Unlike book clubs we can’t flip to relevant pages, so we may need a little help identifying exactly what is being discussed.
  • Feel totally at ease to ask questions or give your thoughts, any time! Clubs live and die by participation, and asking whatever question you have, no matter how silly it may seem, helps others who are reading it and even the answerer themselves.
  • Have fun, and do your best to interpret anything said with as much good faith as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


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OBS! (I seem to feel the need to do a lot of these, but since most of the post is the same each time, I assume people skim read. xD) I’ve linked to the post explaining how to unlock シュウ’s path (as well as all other paths beside リンボ’s), do note that シュウ’s is special. And I added the warning about separate bad ending spoilers from good ending spoilers to the top of the Discussion section.

If you have any questions, or are confused by my instructions, let me know! シュウ’s path sure made it a bit complicated to include how to get all memorabilia without giving spoilers…


Just finished this part! I went into it being like “hmm…Shuu wouldn’t be my top pick to play next but I guess I might as well”, but I ended up really enjoying the chapter and coming to appreciate Shuu more. I also like that each character chapter seems to be still touching on the mystery of the main plot at least a bit, like in this one there was discussion of the secret organisation and the chess pieces.

Other thoughts on this chapter; the scene where shuu and the cat are sleeping together on the sofa was too cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also loved Helvetica and Moz being upset/annoyed that no one wanted to look at what a good fake dead Shuu they had made


I wanted to check I fully understood the newscast from Adam at the very start of this part.

the full Zero Hour newscast at the start of Shuu A

So Adam talks about this fable from Russia called Flower. And I think I managed to figure it out right, but I’m not 100% so I thought I’d ask.

So there are natural flowers and artificial flowers lined up, and it starts raining. So the artificial flowers pray to 神 that the rain will stop, but the rain doesn’t stop. So the beauty of the artificial flowers disappears in the rain, and the natural flowers gets even more beautiful? (The より in the last sentence of the fable really threw me.)

Do I have that more or less right? (I couldn’t remember all the details off the top of my head. I read this a couple of days ago.)

Zero Hour

You got it exactly right :slight_smile:
The English version:


Thanks! I felt like I was really working my Japanese language muscles to make sure I got that one right. :muscle:


A little late with my thoughts this time, but I really enjoyed this chapter! I figured I’d like learning more about Shuu, and that was certainly the case. I also latched onto Yang really fast which helped :joy: I am nothing if not predictable haha. But yes there were a lot of interesting dynamics and such to explore which I really enjoyed.

I remember going back through for the other endings armed with more knowledge the full implication of Yang’s plans hit me which hurt: Considering how the Closer works, if Shuu were in jail then there’d be no way for them to enact their normal strategy against Yang, since Shuu is apparently the only connection they have in the world which is… sad.

I also loved those parts :joy: kitty!!! Helvetica and Mozu are always interesting, especially Helvetica I never know what to make of him lmao, truly what is his deal

Adam keeps having all these weird metaphorical monologues, what’s up with him :joy: replaying previous stuff for this part I also latched onto the one where he talks about people making mistakes over and over again, all really ominous meta-feeling things, I’m only more suspicious with time honestly. I’ve been info-dumping all the happenings on my partner and their crackpot theory is that Adam remembers everything that happens when Teuta goes back in time which is… interesting :eyes:


I’m kinda late but this one took me a bit longer: 10h.

Shuu was one of my favourites going in and I was not disappointed. Just the whole moral dilemma of him being a hitman makes it quite interesting, the options about the smoking were a nice touch (gotta love a hitman with a lollypop) and I loved the whole family concept. To be honest I was scarred by the Limbo route and expected treason everywhere so it was nice to have the opposite and have Yan turn out to be… not that bad let’s say.

I liked the foreshadowing with the movie. When they talked about it I thought ‘this is for sure happening to them later’ but then I forgot anyway :smiling_face_with_tear: Definitely my fault for taking too long reading this route.

Other media had me expecting the ‘whatever you want’ coupon to be used much later at a critical moment so I was amused when Teuta just used it like 5 minutes later for something as trivial as going to the fair :joy: I approve. And Pepe blushing at Carmen’s antics had me rolling.

I liked that they were kinda cute together pretty much from the start but it was more about Shuu being worried he might die any moment than about getting together. Anyway Teuta wondering if she just got straight up rejected and being grumpy about it was pretty funny.

At some point things were going so badly and kept going so badly that I thought for sure I was in a bad end but…no, that was just the path to the good one :sob: I suffered so much for these characters.

There were some thing from the end that I’m not sure I understood, pls help:

If I remember correctly in the first part of the route Shuu told Teuta that he was adopted and Yan was the bio kid, right? But then in the final conversation with Yan he says it’s actually the opposite?? Did I understand that correctly? And if so…what. That makes no sense to me, how do you get to such a misunderstanding I don’t get it. And then a bit later Yan talking to Teuta there was a part where I’m not sure if they were implying Yan might actually be a girl? I read this pretty late at night so maybe I got it all wrong so hopefully someone can clarify this for me. I don’t even remember what exactly they said.

Well, that’s a lot of random thoughts put together. Hopefully they make some sense.

This was hilarious :joy: They’d done such a good job and for what

Welp now to quickly catch up with Side B


From what I remember this is addressed more later so I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but no you’re not misinterpreting anything!

This too, unless I missed it I don’t think this has been addressed again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came up again later. That said I’m not sure exactly what they’re going for? As you said there was an implication that Yan basically went :man_shrugging: in response to so :joy: yeah it’s unclear at the moment, I don’t think you’ve misinterpreted anything!


I also understood it as this and was a bit “uh, what?” - it really comes out of nowhere unless I missed something earlier.


Yeah the only thing I remember being even vaguely related is when they said something about Teuta, being a woman, needing to go get her injuries taken care of so she didn’t scar, and Shuu was like “well you too Yan” which went nowhere really :joy: but that’s even just more implication, no explanation at all so :man_shrugging: