BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Completed

Last part of the リンボ route is here:

For those who haven’t managed to finish A side yet, I have heard from a trusted source that A + B together are about the same length as two main chapters, but A side is bigger than B side, so hopefully this will let you catch up. :slight_smile:

Since the majority wants to continue with the book club, we will! :smiley:

And because sometimes I’m an idiot/or a bit anal, sorry :sweat_smile: . Anyone who plans to keep reading with the club (even if you voted for no originally), can now go ahead and vote in the route choosing poll in this post (it is the only poll still open).

It is not currently clear if another main club VN vote will happen soon, and I ask you all kindly to vote in these organizational polls in this post on the main VN club so we can figure out some important parameters for the club.

Whether a new VN will be picked soon or not, I feel like we need to speed up our reading going forward. I’ve heard that doing different choices for all four main chapters will only result in as much more text as 1/7-1/6 of a normal chapter. And we need to speed up the A+B portions too. And after doing all 5 routes A+B parts, I think there are 2 more main chapters. Meaning we have 10 parts left + 4 small unlocking the next route parts.

As a reference, if we kept at this speed that would be 24 weeks, aka almost 6 months. Finishing August 25th.

Speed up plan A: 1 week to unlocked the next route (small amount of reading) that can act as a break week/catch up week too. 3 weeks for A+B sides (if all follow the length pattern of リンボ’s path, we could do 2 weeks for A and 1 week for B). And then maybe 3 weeks for both the last two chapters. Meaning 19 weeks. Finishing July 21st.

Speed up plan B: 3 weeks total for unlocking new route plus A+B sides. And then 3 weeks for the last two main chapters. 15 weeks. Finishing June 23rd.

Speed up plan C: 2 weeks total for unlocking route plus A+B sides (aka 1 week per side), and then 1 week per main chapter. 10 weeks. Finishing May 19th.

Plan C would be a big jump in speed. While plan A doesn’t cut that much time off. Anyone planning to read with the club should vote. Please :nerd_face:

Which reading speed plan do you prefer? (max 2)
  • Current speed (finishing August 25th)
  • A (finish July 21st)
  • B (finishing June 23rd)
  • C (finishing May 19th)
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