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Chapter 3 : リンボ route

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Not a spoiler if you are past the first choice:

Wow, テウタ and モズ talking about their potential dead siblings in a shop with country music as the background music was special x)


I’m past both choices and it seems like the story for this episode hasn’t really kicked off yet at all. I’m guessing it will be about the vaccine/virus at the start? Anyway, I’m invested in what they will name the cat


Feels weird to read about a hypothetical virus spread right after a pandemic, good thing it wasn’t during, would have felt all too real!

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Has anybody finished reading chapter 3? I’m still in it, not sure how long to go. The latest Archive I have unlocked is #26

Just finished Chapter 3 :slight_smile: in terms of length, I think it’s slightly longer than the other ones?

If you want to know if you’re anywhere near it, my % is: 13% , last Archive unlocked 26

Thoughts about the chapter, big spoilers: I don’t get why after テウタ goes back in time to save ルカ’s life, they never worry about who killed her and why?


I’ve also finished this chapter. This game continues to be real fun! Also thought this chapter was a bit longer than the last one.

I thought this too! Surely when she’s like “alright, got to head back to work” that should have been a worry! I mean I’m guessing someone in the police killed her because she was too close to uncovering something?

Other misc comments about the chapter Everyone was so cute at the end in their chill hang out wear! Especially scarecrow with the little cat scratch on his head. He’s still my fave I think, though I pretty much continue to love every character except Helvética who is still a big creep bleh.

Oops I never posted any thoughts, let’s see what I remember :joy: Like others have said it’s always interesting reading about pandemic things now haha, pretty dark themes as usual! And then the ルカ stuff… ouch, definitely feels like we’re getting into some more big picture plot stuff with that. I’m also very concerned about the surgeon テウタ just completely interrupted?? Like we keep talking about how messing with the past is dangerous, and uh… that seems like it could be bad. I was trying to remember if we knew anyone who’d be getting surgery but I couldn’t think of any, still worried though.

My assumption is we just haven’t gotten there yet, I think it’s probably too tied to the overarching plot for it to fit into what was already a longer chapter, but that’s all speculation really :eyes: these mysterious disappearances and experiments and organizations seem likely to be connected imo

I’m wondering if that varies by route :eyes: