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Week 15 Mar 24th シュウ B

The choices are under double spoiler. So you can unblur one choice at the time (minimizing spoilers). OBS! Some choices have a time limit.

NO choices for シュウ B:


Guides if you want to check choices yourself (link to English guide for those reading on PC)

These are the general links to the guides. You’ll need to navigate to the current route yourself.
Japanese guide #1 ← This is the one used for choices
Japanese guide #2
English guide - this is a review (that links to all the guides), so don’t read past the walkthrough links unless you are okay with spoilers. It does note when minor spoilers start and then major spoilers. Reader beware!

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Finished this section (and Shuu’s route). For anyone wondering, this one is like the limbo one in that there aren’t any choices, it’s just a little extra romancey/character story.

Overall - I liked Shuu side A quite a bit, but side B I felt a bit ‘meh’ about. But that’s probably just because he’s a character that I was happy to find out more about but that isn’t that high on my romance options tier list. It was pretty cute though!


This one took about 2h so basically like the Limbo one.

Shuu is one of my favs but I thought it was extra funny how involved Kuro was in this whole part, and the absurd conversations he had with Teuta(え…え???). And Yan helping Teuta was also cute.

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