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Week 9 Feb 10th リンボ A
Week 10 Feb 17th Cont.
Choices for リンボ A good and bad endings:

So the way this was presented in the guide I picked to use, the whole path to the good ending is shown, and then it notes when separate saves need to be made; the bad endings are then started from those extra saves.

It means it is easiest to play through and get the good ending first, but the info below should be easy enough to use to play the bad endings first if one so desires. :slight_smile:

Do note that we voted to not include bad endings and extra CGs and such as part of the playthrough, but I don’t see a good reason to not include the choice info here. But feel free to skip those and focus on the good ending. The good ending is what will unlock the part we read after this one, so it is necessary while the bad endings are not.

Good Ending












Bad Ending (A)









Bad Ending (B)



Guides if you want to check choices yourself (link to English guide for those reading on PC)

These are the general links to the guides. You’ll need to navigate to the current route yourself.
Japanese guide #1 ← This is the one used for choices
Japanese guide #2
English guide - this is a review (that links to all the guides), so don’t read past the walkthrough links unless you are okay with spoilers. It does note when minor spoilers start and then major spoilers. Reader beware!

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OBS! Since bad endings are not an official part of the book club, please put any discussions of those under its own spoiler, and not mixed in with spoilers/discussions of the good ending.

In this chapter, are the choice points spread out fairly evenly, or are they all bunched up together? I’m wondering if I can use them as a rough estimate of how far through the chapter I am…


Based on memory I would say more or less spread out, but it’s been like a week since I’ve read it so unsure if my memory should be trusted :see_no_evil:
For what it’s worth, this one took me around 1.5x as long as chapter 2 or 3*, so if you happen to keep an eye on time spent maybe that helps?

* Unrelated to your question, but: Based on the times of people who logged their play times at different points on How long to beat, side A + B combined should take around as long as two main route chapters combined, so I would guess side B is a lot shorter and our pace is overall still the same :see_no_evil: Nobody panic


I’m not done yet but just dropping by to say that since I was planning on trying all endings at least for this route (just to see what they have to offer) I did a blind run of this chapter and just reached my first bad ending after 7h. It’s been pretty fun so far so I can’t wait to try the right choices and see how much more I have left.


Welp, I just finished, I thought it would take me longer but I had some free time and got into it so… In total this took me 9h, including the 2 bad ends but excluding all repeated text. It was a wild ride, lots of things to comment on.

Heavy good end spoilers ahead, I’ll mark bad end spoilers separately

First of all the ナヴィード(is that a real name??) plot was totally insane. Like… oh this guy is a bit weird…wait HE HAS A BOMB? Oh no he’s just messing with him…still psychopath alert. Then he gets Limbo falsely accused??? Oh but he’s freed so everything is fine… NOPE it’s an actual bomb now!!! And Limbo is like… that’s okay no big deal, like whaaat!? Not a moment of boredom in this chapter that’s for sure. I kinda wanted the solution to the final issue to be a bit more grounded in reality (like…idk, get the man inside a Faraday cage or something, don’t kill him!!) but it’s okay.
A lot of heavy topics were touched, I keep being surprised by how dark visual novels can get while also having fun moments but I guess I should get used to it. I was a bit confused when Teuta said the was mad a the woman that killed herself to get ‘revenge’ on Limbo, like…sure that’s pretty bad but when you’ve been driven to such a terrible place…I think she deserves sympathy rather than anger, clearly she was in a much worse situation than Limbo.
I didn’t know what to expect in the individual routes so it was nice to see that the other characters where still around and having some fun moments/we need to help our boy moments. I haven’t seen the cat though I think? Except in the phone screen. Maybe next chapter?
To be honest if you told me the end of this side A was the end I’d believe it, it all seemed very much finished and there was even a kiss scene which seems like a big moment in an Otome? So idk what to expect from the B side, if it’s going to be another entire story or just a sort of epilogue…we’ll see. I mean it’s literally called ‘Greasy Chicken’ I can’t take this seriously :rofl:
Something else I noticed is that the big case from the common route had a bit of attention at the beginning of this but then nothing else came off it, so now I’m wondering if it’ll become relevant in side B or if we are just supposed to get little glimpses of it throughout the various routes. There was also a moment before Limbo was detained when they were dealing with a dead body in the morgue but either I missed something or it wasn’t mentioned again, same questions for this one.
Overall it was a lot of fun, and it was interesting to see how Limbo and Teuta grew to know each other and themselves better through the chapter. Definitely looking forward to the rest.
Something random: what the hell kind of hospital has a patient sleeping in a shirt!?!? :joy: That was weird.

About bad ends (general stuff, no details):

The bad ends were as expected sad and pretty bad to imagine so I’m glad I did them first. It is an interesting way so see how the characters would act in the worst of situations but I was glad to have a good ending to go back to.

Well, I probably forgot some stuff but it was a lot.


I should get into the habit of commenting sooner after reading, I already forgot so much :see_no_evil:

Case in point:

I don’t even remember this :see_no_evil::joy:

Spoilers for the good path only, haven’t read the bad endings yet.

I thought some parts of this chapter were a bit predictable (like ナヴィード being the bad guy - he totally had that kinda vibe from the beginning, IMO :joy: - and that woman being someone he liked), but it was still lots of fun overall.
I vaguely remember someone saying Limbo has the least interesting backstory? If so I’m very curious about the others :eyes:

Same :joy: Looking forward to that. My guess would be just some fun slice of life stuff.

I was wondering about that too! Wasn’t expecting there to be any main plot development since you can play the routes in any order. But that’s cool. I’d guess it’s the ‘little glimpses’ thing but the developments are just small & independent enough that the order in which you read them in won’t matter much?
Or it’s somehow just Limbo’s route that gets main plot bread crumbs :laughing:


This one was a lot :joy: what a ride as always! Main route things:

Like you guys have said, lots of very wild and very dark situations this time. I also keep getting surprised by how far VNs will go despite going through this time and time again :laughing: Also got sketchy vibes from Navid from the beginning yeah, but oh I sure did not expect that to go as far as it did, what an extremely complicated situation.

That’s a terrifying prospect, we don’t stand a chance :joy:

Bad end stuff:

Well the whole bad end thing was not a lie, those were some rough times for sure. Especially B was just so dark, yikes. Interesting to see and very emotionally crushing all around.


I just randomly remembered that there was a scene with a dying kid that came out of nowhere and was super sad and then had nothing to do with the rest of the plot? Now it feels like a fever dream. I thought it might make sense later but it was never mentioned again…


that and the maid scene had me stumped for the longest time. especially since our choices affected what happened to the maid but she was never brought up again and it didn’t seem to have any impact on the story. it’s been over a year since I played the game though so I don’t remember the exact context