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The info on how to unlock モズ A can be found here: BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 Unlock All Routes (Visual Novel Book Club). It is part of this week’s reading.

Choices for モズ A good and bad ending:

So the way this was presented in the guide I picked to use, the whole path to the good ending is shown, and then it notes when separate saves need to be made; the bad endings are then started from those extra saves.

It means it is easiest to play through and get the good ending first, but the info below should be easy enough to use to play the bad endings first if one so desires. :slight_smile:

Do note that we voted to not include bad endings and extra CGs and such as part of the playthrough, but I don’t see a good reason to not include the choice info here. But feel free to skip those and focus on the good ending. The good ending is what will unlock the part we read after this one, so it is necessary while the bad endings are not.

Good Ending






Bad Ending



Guides if you want to check choices yourself (link to English guide for those reading on PC)

These are the general links to the guides. You’ll need to navigate to the current route yourself.
Japanese guide #1 ← This is the one used for choices
Japanese guide #2
English guide - this is a review (that links to all the guides), so don’t read past the walkthrough links unless you are okay with spoilers. It does note when minor spoilers start and then major spoilers. Reader beware!

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I have finished this part so spoilers for almost everything below! For reference, this has felt like a pretty long chapter comparatively.

Thoughts so far-

Wow, so this one got dark. If they really do keep on getting more and more so then I’m scared of what’s coming :scream:

I have liked this chapter quite a bit overall. It felt like a good focused little story, quite separate from the rest of the game so far and really getting into Moz’s character a lot better. I really liked Moz in it, particularly his interactions with Ivy. He has a real warmth despite his at times odd manner. This one felt less like a romance than the others so far, but I quite liked that to be honest, felt like it had space to be able to deal with things like Moz’s sister better than it might have been otherwise.

Things I thought didn’t really work it felt really weird that no one was suspicious of Troy earlier. Like, Ivy says that Yuzu got close with Troy right before she disappeared but neither the MC or Moz seemed to pick up on that at all or ask any questions??? I feel like Limbo also said something earlier that hinted at there being rumours among the students about Troy as well (though can’t remember exactly). I felt like for about half of the chapter I was just like “it’s obviously Troy!!! Why are you not even mentioning to Luka or anything like that?” which felt a bit frustrating. I did like the set up/misdirection though at the end that it might be Ivy. Another thing that was kind of a good and a bad was that it really felt like we got almost none of the whole gang together in this one. Like in the limbo one there is everyone working together to foil the nano-bot plan, and in Shuu’s story everyone goes to the fun fair, but in this chapter the role of the other characters was pretty limited. That was good because you got to spend more time with Moz but I did also miss the group hijinks a bit and I think it added to the overall darker feel of this one.

One thing I was confused about when Troy is confessing, he says that (the first person?) he killed was a student that had killed another student but it was covered up. Then later we we find out that he tried to kill Moz’s sister but couldn’t. Was there an implication that Yuzu was also targeted because she’d done something to deserve it(in the eyes of Troy at least)or are we to believe that he got the taste for killing after the first time and became less discerning? There were some bits I didn’t quite follow when Troy was ranting about why he couldn’t kill Yuzu so I was a little bit confused about whether anything was said about why she was his target.


This one took about 8h although I was terrible about tracking time with this route.

It was interesting that this was more of a mystery and solved what was introduced about Mozu in the common route. Troy was super suspicious from the start but it reached a point that I thought maybe it was a trick and it wouldn’t be him as a plot twist…but I guess not.
I thought it was fun that in this couple the one driving is Teuta (apparently Mozu doesn’t have a license). And interesting that there was no big group scheming this time, even though Limbo made an appearance and Luka played a role too.
I thought we’d get a sad but with a happy ending story about puppies but… it was just sad ):
I found all the indirect disrespect to Helvetica hilarious when Teuta is like…I met this guy and he reminded me of Helvetica because he’s a creep. And then when Mozu is doing weid stuff she’s like ‘don’t go all Helvetica on me’. At first I was proud of her for realising that early on but then she was too nice to him and didn’t realize he was the killer till he literally pulled a gun on her.
I thought the previous route had been pretty dark but this one was even worse and now I’m super concerned for Helvetica and Kuro.
And it was a first that there was some extra info about the secret org from the common route from Troy himself.

Btw I got no extra scene unlocked like in the other routes. Is that normal? I got the good ending blind so maybe I missed something necessary for unlocking and I need to go back.

This part was confusing for me as well as he seems kinda unhinged by that point so I’m not really sure but I’d say he got a taste for killing and simply took advantage of his popularity with the students. I’m not sure why exactly she was supposed to be so scary, or it it was just a projection of his guilt…


Yes I’m pretty sure there is an extra scene to unlock for him too, don’t remember exactly and I have uninstalled the game though, sorry it’s not helpful :sweat_smile:


[quote=“Sylph, post:3, topic:60996”]
Btw I got no extra scene unlocked like in the other routes. Is that normal? I got the good ending blind so maybe I missed something necessary for unlocking and I need to go back.
[/quote] I also did the exact same thing. I’m guessing there must be a need to do some things in the bad route to unlock it :thinking:

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