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“Chapter 5” Full Circle (title spoiler)

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Aaah this chapter was so good!! I 100% should not go onto the next one now and should go to bed because I’ll end up staying up till 2am or whatever to finish it but I want to know what happens!


I already loved Carmen but after this part she might be my favourite character :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: When she comes in and is filming Bond and announces she is the owner of full circle it was very cool indeed. And her listening to what Pepe said about the importance of family and deciding to adopt Alex at the end also spoke to what a compassionate character she is. Although also it does seem a bit weird that she is adopting him know that we know he’s apparently the same age as limbo etc (so in his 20s maybe?)

I loved loved loved the speech on the bridge with the MC and all of the boys. I also looked up 踏ん張る in the dictionary and got this great definition: ②つらさなどをこらえて頑張る。他人に従ったりせずに、自説を通そうとする。がんばる。which really helped when they started to discuss the difference between that and 頑張る!Very mean of them to put Scarecrow in the boot of the car though!

Re romance choices: So at least in this part it seems like you aren’t in a romantic relationship with any of the characters, or at least it wasn’t referenced.

Next time on spoiler OMG so it seems like Adam really is up to something bad??? Murder??? :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye: ….Let’s be real, there is no way I am going to resist playing more, sleep be damned.

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Haha nice that you enjoy it so much that couldn’t stop :smiley:
What would you say it was length-wise? Like a side A or like a side B? It will probably take me a week to get through it but I’ll share my thoughts when it’s done!

Hmmm…think it was shorter than the side A parts but longer than side B? Probably about the same length as the initial story chapters or a bit shorter? It took me a bit over 3 hours to play.

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I finished chapter 5!

I really got surprised a lot! Did not see coming that Carmen’s lover would play a role… Or Alex… Or Carmen…! Pretty cool!
Vonda I did see coming x)
Yep, no romance this chapter. Probably the same for the next chapter?
I thought too that it was nice to see a scene with the 6 of them :slight_smile:
And nice how each chapter is rounded up, it could almost finish here, but now let’s see what’s next with Adam :hushed:

PS: thanks for the note on 踏ん張る, interesting. Reading the English version and they translated it “grid your teeth” :sweat_smile:

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Well, it’s been months but I finally read this!

I was surprised at how fast I got through this (2.5h) compared to the first chapters(~8h), I guess my reading speed really has increased, and following the story at this pace is much more enjoyable for sure. The plot got intense really fast in this one, they weren’t playig around. I wasn’t really expecting these developments but it was fun. Carmen went full badass. And then full good person. She’s cool.
Oh, that next chapter title…I’d almost forgotten about him. Can’t wait to keep reading.

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That’s super cool and inspiring! :grin:
Have fun with the rest!

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