BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Completed

sounds ace! Thanks so much!

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I’m going to be putting together and posting all the threads today (unless I run out of time, then I’ll continue tomorrow or so). So you’ll be seeing a lot of B$ threads. Just letting you know for when you check the forum next and see 8 threads for B$. xD

And as mentioned, I’ll post a message here in the home thread with a link for each part as the schedule says to read that part. ^^


I totally expected that to take longer than 1 hour!!! Well, that’s nice.

I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. So those reading ahead or different routes, all links are now in the schedule in the OP.

明後日 I’ll link to シュウ B and that is when it “officially”/by schedule opens, but feel free to post whenever you finish a part so we can get your fresh takes, and also don’t forget to ask any questions you might have. Just know if you read ahead an answer might take a while. ^^


I think they might be calling us out but I’m not sure


Clicky clicky!


Today starts Shuu B! It is a week long. ^^


I guess I ought to admit to myself that in practice I’ve dropped this. I finished Limbo A and did the setup to be able to start Shuu A, but over the last three weeks “more Bu$tafellows” has just never won against all the other choices of things to spend time on (Japanese and non-Japanese)… I had fun with it though, and maybe some day I’ll come back to it.


Well here we go, Mozu’s route starting this week and A part going for two weeks!


The official trailer for season 2 is out! Watching this made me even more hyped for the sequel. There’s also trailers coming out for specific characters, so far there’s Mozu and Helvetica’s.

Trailers, all takes place after first game so spoiler warning

Season 2 Trailer
BUSTAFELLOWS season2 -official trailer- - YouTube
Episode of Mozu
BUSTAFELLOWS season2 -episode of MOZU- - YouTube
Episode of Helvetica
BUSTAFELLOWS season2 -episode of HELVETICA- - YouTube

Omg the flashing images hidden in the character ones??

And now Scarecrow too!

BUSTAFELLOWS season2 -episode of SCARECROW- - YouTube


And today we start モズ B side!

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I’m gonna look at these after I finish the first game, and I’ve put it temporarily on pause because of commitments. But if the quality keeps up (and I have no reason to believe otherwise), I’m excited to play B$ 2. :smiley:

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Today starts Helvetica A. I hope everyone is enjoying the read!

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And now starts Helvetica B:

Today starts Scarecrow A. I hope everyone is enjoying the VN!

And now Scarecrow B and the last part of the routes!

I wonder if anyone is actually reading along with the schedule right now. xD (I hope to come back to this in a few months…)

Anyway, after this there are two chapters left, and then finished.


Good question :sweat_smile:
Not me at least, I finished it last month


I’m like 1 route behind but trying to catch up! Hopefully in time for the last chapters


I like just caught back up actually :laughing: I’m now technically behind again since I’m still on Scarecrow A, but soon! Will I be able to stop myself from going ahead at that point, who knows… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chapter 5 starting today: