Burning itmes that shouldn't be burnt

I apologize if this topic has come up in the recent days already, but since I didn’t find anything, I’m posting a new topic.

Weird things are happening on WaniKani recently. One of those things for me is that I burn or enlighten items that shouldn’t be that far up in the SRS system. I don’t know why. Maybe some of my scripts don’t work but since nobody has complained about this (at least not that I have seen), maybe it’s just my WaniKani acting up. Does somebody perhaps know as to why this is happening to me? I don’t even know what to do with the itmes that I have burnt now, I don’t want to resurect them to apprentice. Also, I don’t even remember which items I have burnt which shouldn’t be burnt, since the summary page is gone and I have no way to review my items.

In case this information is relevant, I was on vacation recently and didn’t use WaniKani for a week or so. Came back to 700 reviews and reset one level back. I also updated all my scripts including Tapermonkey. All my scripts are working fine, but maybe this phenomonon I described shows that the scripts aren’t working as they should after all.

If anyone knows what’s wrong, I would really appreciate some help!

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Also, this is happening. How? Why? I’m confused. I got this one wrong, but it still shows Burn? A red burn?


My first guess would be a scripts issue. I’m not going to be an expert on that, but if you’ve got scripts going and they’re no longer compatible with the overhaul the last month, then it might be an effect of it?

To check, you’ll have to turn off all scripts and try to replicate the issue, though.

To get immediate help, email the WK team or even chat them during reviews. :slight_smile:


Maybe. But I also recently updated all the scripts I’m using, so can it really be them if nobody is posting about this issue? I’m no expert though. Also, I neither have the time, nor the knowledge to go through all my scripts and figure out what is wrong. Sucks for me I guess :upside_down_face:

Maybe post a list of what scripts you have installed and we might be able to help


I see @kumirei typing so an answer is probs incoming.

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You’re amazingly quick to help! I just wanna say my thanks for that! ^>^

Please have this as a reward of sorts? XD: :dog: :heart:


That’s everything I’m using. It’s ok if you don’t have the time to help tho! Thanks!


Try to go through all items in the “Burned items in the past 30 days” and see if there are some whose level are too high


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Most likely due to a bad interaction between Detailed SRS Popups and Double-Check. There’s a known issue there. The good news is that it’s entirely superficial and you didn’t actually burn that item. I’ve suggested a solution to rfindley to get this fixed in Double Check, but it’s going to be while before they have time to look at it


Noticed that too right now, lol. Kept wondering what I was going to do with the items I mistakingly burned. Also, sorry that I’m only answering now, I had classes to go to. Thanks for clearing that up for me!


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