Burn Manager with customisable SRS reset stage?

Hi all, I’ve been browsing the forums and come across (and installed) the Burn Manager script, but it seems to only allow you to reset items to Apprentice 1. I’ve also checked the Wanikani API docs and can’t seem to see a way that allows you to choose the level that you reset items to. Does anyone know if there is indeed a way to reset items to a level other than Apprentice 1? Slash if there isn’t, is there a way we can get it added to the API? pleading eyes.

Backstory is of course that I’d like to resurrect some items but not all the way to Apprentice 1.


Unfortunately there’s no way to do this. I suggested it two years ago as well. :sweat_smile:


As far as I know there is no possible way to do this currently in either Wanikani Vanilla or within the Wanikani API.

Personally I found some solace in that the total SRS time of Apprentice and Guru is insignificantly small compared to the total SRS time of Master, Enlightened and Burned, so in the end, it’s not that much extra waiting time :confused:

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In all honesty it’s more about the number of reviews for me. Restarting 100 items at level 1 means I get 800 total reviews (assuming I get them all correct at each stage). Setting them to, for example, Master means I only get 200 total. I just want another refresh after another X months, rather than having them pop up every day.

I would have thought it wasn’t too difficult to update the API to take

POST /v2/assignments


in order to reset subject 12345 to level 6.


In the past (last time was maybe 2 years ago), I reset my burn items to the SRS stage of my choice by contacting them via mail (hello@wanikani.com) and Viet helped me do it. I don’t know if they’re still able to do it, but it couldn’t hurt to try, while we wait for this functionality to arrive to the API v2.