Burned items after reset

Hi there,
I was at level 26 and then stopped for more than one year. After I got back into it i was so clueless that I had to reset, first to level 12 and then to level 6. The problem is, my burned items have not been reseted.
I now have:
27 Apprentice
25 Guru
9 Master
2 Enlightened
682 Burned

Obviously I dont remember most of the burned items. So is there a way to reset those as well?
I’ve read about a script that does the job, but since I work mostly from the mobile app I’m not sure if that’d be any help.

Thanks in advance.

Wouldn’t that be effectively like resetting to level 1? Why not do that if you want to review all the items.

The burned items are still burned because they’re from before level 7 and resetting only resets the levels beyond what you reset to.

I guess the only difference is if you don’t reset you’ll have an enormous pile of apprentice items.


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