Bulk downloading そこあに episodes

I wanted to start listening to the そこあに podcast from ep #1. Unfortunately the older episodes aren’t available on any podcast apps. I contacted the staff and they said that I’d have to download them from their website.

Is there a way to download more than one ep at a time?
It would be really time consuming to download each episode individually.

Just had a look at the site. Im guessing there go from s1[00-99], so i just ran it through a script. From that you can use a batch downloaded e.g. jdownload, downthemall etc and it should work techniqually - though i wouldnt download them all at once thats a lot on bandwidth on the site maybe download an handfull at the time. I’m also hoping this the correct thing?

O no wanikani changed them to play files. I’ve put it on here for the next 24 hours https://textuploader.com/dw66a if you save the links.

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wow thanks a bunch. I also checked real quick and the eps go from #1-553.

Thanks again you saved me a lot of time there


N/P, Ok updated list with all from s001 to s553 (I didnt realise they had 099 i just put 99)


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ok thanks alot. how do I download the files from there? sorry for asking…

Download managers usually have something for batch downloads. I would have personally used downthemall for firefox but I just realised it not supported on the newer firefox.

Here is a screenshot of Jdownloader. This will add them to the linkgrabber, you can then do a selection, right click and start download(s). Or download everything in linkgrabber link, by right click start all downloads (though warning if you have the linkgrabber detection on it tends to grab alot of links - i turned it off and do it manually)

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ok thanks alot. I don’t think I can acces a PC today but I try find an app for my phone

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hey, i just tried to download jdownloader on a pc in my uni but it won’t let me grand acces installing it. I know it might be a hassle but can you maybe put the files in a folder on mega or google drive and send me the link?

sorry for the inconvenience…

I wrote a quick script and downloaded episodes 001 through 581 (current) - it’s about 13GB total.

Don’t want to post the files publicly, but you can email me (justinpincar@gmail.com) and I’ll send you a time-limited DL link. Or you can use the script yourself: https://github.com/justinpincar/sokoani-dl

Also happy to share a Plex library containing them.

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