Bugs on my way to level 60

On my way to level 60 I will document in this thread all bugs (or ideas for improvement) which I will find out when doing my lessons.

First one: Should be 円 but is せん

…What? It’s えん, not せん–is that what you meant?

It’s not a bug or incorrect to use the hiragana instead of the kanji. In fact, since you might not have learned 円 by the time you learn 一千, it’s more appropriate for it to be kana instead of kanji.

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Ah, yes, I meant えん. So in examples kanjis are used only when we should already know them from previous/current level, otherwise kana? Good to know, thanks!

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There is no specific rule in the language saying you must always use a kanji character for a word, they can be ommited freely and even be changed to katakana if the writer wants to emphasise something.

In this case, i’m not 100% sure when you learn 円 compared to 千, since i blasted through the basic kanji levels but i assume it’s because you’re not expected to know 円 yet.


I have learnt 円 in level 2 I think. But thanks for the input, I didn’t know it is possible to replace kanji with kana as you choose.

I will know better next time :slight_smile:


Not all the context sentences will be geared to your level like that, but esecially in the earlier levels at least one of the context sentences will include only kanji that you would have already learned.


かあ is missing in Kun’yomi reading of 母 Kanji. See screenshots.

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