Thinking of resetting Kaniwani to focus on writing

I tend to struggle a lot more with KaniWani than I do WaniKani and am debating resetting for this reason. But my secondary reason is because I’m considering doing my Kaniwani lessons differently. I want to learn more about how to actually write out the Kanji and Vocab and was thinking about making myself write out the answers before typing them in so as to give myself practice. Has anyone tried this approach? Thoughts?


I’ve definitely read from one person on WK that they use KW to practice writing, and only enter the correct answer when they wrote the kanji correctly.
I think it’s a great idea, because that way you can still go fast on WK,
and you can have independent practice tools and reviews for reading (WK) and writing (KW).

Actually that person just wrote the kanji in the palm of their hand if i remember correctly ^^
but pen & paper helps a lot too, of course.


I think it’s a good idea since you want to remember how to write kanji. Your studying will be a bit slower but will probably help improve your memorization. I can’t really remember how to write a lot of Kanji now that I haven’t really had to write for years.

If you don’t want to use pen/paper, I’d suggest looking for something called a boogie board - you can write on it, then press a button to erase it. I had some classmates who used it for practicing kanji. Here’s an example:


Oooh… I hadn’t thought about something like a boogie board. That’s actually quite a good idea and would save on a ton of paper.

Or you could just get a stylus for your existing phone or tablet.


or you could just buy a big block of tiled paper, it’s quite cheap ^^
plus you can look back on all the writing practice you already did by browsing through the pages
of course you can do all that digitally, but sometimes it can be cumbersome. paper is easy.

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I actually got to thinking more about the boogie board idea and I am leaning against for two reasons…

1 - I don’t think my writing would be very neat with a stylus and even though it is just for myself I am hoping to improve over time. So paper would be better for actual writing practice rather than just me knowing I got the right answer.

2 - kinda going along with this and what Saimin said… Having those pages to flip back through I would be able to see how well my writing as progressed.

I have been currently using graph paper to right Kanji as it is small squares and it has been working for me. I could probably use this for doing the KW vocab as well or get some notebooks intended for Kanji writing.


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