Bought a Kindle - which dictionary to buy? [SOLVED]

Hoping for some guidance from fellow Wanikanians.

I want to buy an extra Japanese dictionary for the Kindle 8, and the most important feature is that it can look up conjugated verbs. Other than that, good example sentences is always a plus. It can be J-E or J-J. Any suggestions?

Edit: I received my Kindle 8, and both the default J-J and J-E dictionary can look up conjugated verbs (though you have to figure out the tense yourself, but at this stage, that isn’t a problem). It works pretty well, and the look-up is fast, well, compared to my sad iPhone 6 Plus, that is.

It greatly improves the reading flow - I can definitely recommend this investment to other Japanese learners, intermediate and upwards.


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You can use android apps right? For J-E, I really like Akebi

For J-J… well I haven’t used any enough to really like one. I just searched for 国語辞書 and downloaded whichever ones were free…

EDIT: Takoboto (J-E) is also recommended by the Ultimate Resource Thread…and I believe both Akebi and Takoboto can look up conjugated verbs/words, at least to some extent?

Thanks for the suggestions, but I’m looking for direct look up dictionaries for the Kindle 8. :grimacing:

I haven’t used any of them, but I think you mean one of those “default” dictionaries

What I see is that many are included in the Kindle Unlimited package. If you haven’t done this, just use your free month on Kindle Unlimited to check them out…

Also, if anyone knows which one is good, let me know. I already used up the free month :wink:

Haven’t received my Kindle yet, so you might be right. I have previously read my books on the iPhone’s Kindle app, but the dictionaries in that one can’t look up conjugated verbs, only the not-so-helpful Bing translation pop-up can do that. :weary: It gets boring having to look words up in an altogether separate app.

But I’m using the Japanese Amazon, so I have to get the dictionaries from there, I guess.

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