Big Burns Celebration Thread! πŸ”₯🐒πŸ”₯


Finally hit 2000 burns! I’m so happy! Can’t believe how much my Japanese has already improved.


Feels good doesn’t it!


What’s it like being a higher being?


I was gonna do my reviews, but then I got high. I burned all my reviews, and then I got high. Now I’m very enlightened, because I got high.


Once you burn something, are you confident you really know it well enough never to review it again? I’m still brand new here (middle of level 2).


Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

θƒΈ - chest, 警察 - police, 試験 - test
Will (probably) remember forever and ever.

η΅Ή - silk, 仕返し - revenge, 幻覚 - hallucination
Might forget these after a few months or a year if I don’t see the word anywhere but once I see it (and have to look it up) I’ll probably remember it for a longer time.

Usually when I forget a word after it’s 1 or 4 month interval, when I look it up my brain goes OOOOOH OF COURSE and it becomes a special item that gets stored more easily. When I look at η΅Ή (silk) or 滝 (waterfall) now, I just think β€œyeah it’s that word that I forgot once” and this fact makes it stick for some reason.


Just hit 4000 burns. The last few levels have proven rather difficult for me, but at least hitting this milestone has made me feel a bit more confident.


Finally hit my first 1000 burns!




No you!


I just passed 1000 burns!


Kinda’ blowing my mind honestly. I didn’t think I’d get that far, but now I can’t wait to get even further. I’m super hype about this and might actually genuinely have a celebration for it in real life. Probably won’t invite anyone but like, maybe take myself out somewhere nice to eat to commemorate it.

When am I allowed to celebrate again? 1500 burns? 2000?


I celebrate almost every time I get a burn with a little air high five or fist pump. I do reserve parties for the bigger Burns like 976 and 1387. :smile:


Congratulations on getting to 1000 though. I’m still a couple hundred away.


image :durtle_love::durtle_love:


Amazing idea for a script!

Wanikani screenshots :camera_flash:

I-it’s beautiful! :durtle_love:



Y-you’re beautiful! :durtle_love:


I don’t use WK anymore but I want this.