Big Burns Celebration Thread! πŸ”₯🐒πŸ”₯







I suppose this must be equivalent to TWO WHOLE Space Odysseys.



Broke 1000! Woohoo!!


I missed posting 500 here, but I’ll give you my humble 555! :sunglasses:


I’ve been so overwhelmed with reviews lately that I didn’t notice. But hey, got over 3500 burns, yay! ^0^



Same lvl, almost same burn count (i’m 53 but it still shows 52 for some reason). Can’t remember if you are the same person that I had a similar moment with a few months ago or so :face_with_monocle:


FFS. I’m a bit anal and I wanted to post only when I had a proper round number but I was WaniKani’ing while on holiday and I forgot and now I’m PAST the big round number.

But whatever. I burned over five thousand items. I feel way cool :sunglasses:



I think you mean apathetic.





And so it begins.



I don’t think so. But still *almost same level and burn count five*

Edit: I’m also level 54, but the server hasn’t refreshed LOL


Which kinds of buns are we talking about?


All of them


I just got through a large pile of burn reviews!


Burns > Enlightened!!!




OMG ALMOST THERE <3333333333333


Got my biggest set of burns yet today! Feeling pretty good about keeping up my progress about seven months in.


Can I ask what userscript/website is this? Looks very pretty.