Big Burns Celebration Thread! πŸ”₯🐒πŸ”₯


500! That’s pure awesome, congrats!


I just burned 30 items which I hadn’t reviewed in over a year because of a hiatus I took. Super exciting to remember things even after that long!


keep it up!



hit over 1000 burns!! one of which is still on my wall of shame and will remain there until I do even worse reviewing a different item:


While this may not be relevant for you anymore, my mnemonic for grass is along the lines of β€œimagine the yaくさ taking care of their well-manicured lawns. They may be gangsters, but they care about their grass!” (and the rendaku disappears because the grass is so soft that you can’t even hear a diacritic)


Finally getting the first batches of burned items after resetting my account. Feels great as ever


I got big burns and I cannot lie! 2000!







Update: One fifth of the way there!






2500 Burns, Happy Day :slight_smile:


やっと more burned than enlightened items!



Been waiting on this one a while!


I hope my first burns come soon!


:fire: 2000 burns!!! :fire:

I’m gonna try to burn up to 3000 now despite my hell of a schedule.
I mean… without burning myself in the process, that is.


obligatory @Borx mention because Onodera best girl!


yui treats tomato

I see what you did there…

Such a smart and good fruit.


This will be slander when we fix our usernames!