Big Burns Celebration Thread! πŸ”₯🐒πŸ”₯


WaniKani: A Space Odyssey



08 PM


My first burns are finally coming this week - it’s taking me a lot of willpower not to review beforehand. :flushed:


In the midst of my downfall. Reached 6.5K burns but backlog of almost 900 reviews… but I’m going to Japan for three weeks in two weeks so ι ‘εΌ΅γ‚ŠγΎγ™οΌ


Oh jeez. I just resubscribed to Wanikani after taking over half a year off. I had a pile of 875-900 reviews to do.

First of all, holy crap I finally got through my review pile after a week of plowing through it!

Second, I had so many enlightened words that thanks to the ones I got right, I went from having just 1 burned item to 303!



3000 Burns! 4k up next :wink:


I came here thinking this would be a thread where we’d praise people for dolling out witty burns.




Got my first BURN today!!!


Awesome! May the Crabigator be with you so you can burn many turtles


Last night in the midst of a 130+ review binge I burned my first 25 radicals!!! I was wondering when it was going to happen…I try to be consistent but sometimes regular life gets in the way. I can’t wait till those burns are actual kanji!! Level 4 at the moment :slight_smile:



I wanted to get it at 1000 flat but I forgot… :frowning:


I just noticed I did the same… dammit.

(Not that I’m complaining really)


My first burns are due to come up in March. Considering I’m on team speedy, how much pain am I in for? :sweat_smile:


If it’s somewhere far from level 26, you’re in trouble. If it’s around lvl 26, you’re in twice as much trouble.


I’m likely to be about level 21 when the first one hits. :cold_sweat:


I burned my eyeball today.




how did that go? I first went to japan around level 20 and couldn’t read almost nothing. But at level 60 I can read aaanything (unless it’s, you know, kanji not included in wanikani :sweat:)

Anhyhow, reached 5k! 36after dealing with life and getting back on track with WK


One tenth of the way there!