Best Hidden Secret of WK

I just discovered the Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition extension and love it! Learning phonetic components that are recurrent in many kanji is so useful! I saw it many times but found the title too esoteric and did not investigate. The title of this post is over the top but perhaps if the extension had a simpler name- Recurrent phonetic components - more people would discover and benefit from it.


>Hidden secret

It’s one of the most popular scripts

@acm2010 here’s some praise for you


Thanks, I already saw it, I was trying to come up with a more attractive name. How about Keisei WATCH ANIME FOR FREE and phonetic components?

But in general I agree that it’s hard to find, thankfully people keep recommending it, you always need some rough explanation what it does to consider trying it.


I always thought that the best hidden secret of WK was the hidden korean section image


No. Any better name alternatives?

It’s one of my favourite scripts too. Maybe because its name is too long? And contains three unfamiliar words in it?

The problem is that initially you don’t know what phonetic or component means, the name should rather include what problem it solves instead of what it does. Or there should be some extra explanation somewhere?

Visually Similar is easier to remember (another script).

Idk :man_shrugging: I think explanations I got from dictionaries and google search results were enough. It’s just hard to remember, unless maybe I’ll keep posting in this thread for over a week, maybe I’ll get used to its name sooner or later.

The concept of show similar kanji is much easier to understand without additional knowledge. Like “font randomizer” or “timeline” or something.

The phonetic components are not self-explanatory, and using the components is not Instant-gratification either, you need to remember more before you get the reward.

It’s not only the name that makes it less sexy :slight_smile:

You ended up using the script anyway, but I think remembering the components makes WK a lot easier starting from level 20 or 30, so anyone should be motivated to try it :slight_smile:

What, you mean it’s not just the cake? :cake::cake::cake:

The cake is just the beginning

What did throw me off was " Keisei ". I assumed it was a script to show you some dialect pronunciation.

How about… “MAGICAL PHONETIC WK SUPER KNOWLEDGE ace all your reviews”…?


“Never get a reading wrong again by following these three simple steps!”


Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Extension

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Big fan here too


I did some RTK before WK… really missed this associations between Kanjis sharing radicals… I think WK with this script is the best of both methods :star_struck:


I’m just discovering this script :slight_smile:

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Keisei YOU WON THE JACKPOT CLICK HERE phonetic components


Keisei POLLS phonetic components


If you want people to used this script you need to add ‘sexy’ and ‘cat’ in the name


but not together