Best apps to improve Japanese for Android

Hi everyone,

Which Apps. would you recommend to use for Android to improve our Japanese level?

I will suggest the ones I use: HiNative, Memrise, NHK easy Japanese news.

Thanks in advance!

I like the wanikani app and I also use memrise.

I paid for the KanjiStudy app and I like that I can use it to practice drawing kanji. I make sure I can write the kanji I learn through genki and it works well for that. You can select kanji to put in custom groups and it’s infinitely customizable. I like to set it to quiz me and “force correct” which means I have to get it exactly correct or it makes me do it again from the start.

If you like HiNative you might also like the HelloTalk app. It’s like a social network for language learning. You can find Japanese people who are learning English and talk with them over audio or text and it has a similar correction system as lang-8 where you can post corrections that are pretty clear and helpful. There is a private messaging system and then an open board where people make posts about what they are doing and their lives in the language they are learning. It’s good practice and the corrections are really helpful. Especially since lang-8 signups are closed it’s a good substitute.

Someone has asked exactly the same question here earlier today.

I suggest you go there in order to avoid duplication.


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