Beginners podcasts with English translation?


Does anyone know any podcasts that has within it English translations. In the sort of format where the Japanese sentence is spoken and then straight after there’s the English?

If not, does anyone recommend a very basic beginners podcast where, ideally, the speaker is a bit slower talking?



You could check out Japanesepod 101.
They have a lot of very short podcasts covering beginner to intermediate level.

Each podcast is in English, but contains a short dialogue in Japanese with English translation.

  • Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners is a really good and beginner friendly podcast. It’s Japanese only but it’s made for study purposes. Sentences are repeated or rephrased and it is spoken slowly enough you can shadow. => I really recommend this one. :rosette:

  • Not slow, but I think they have transcripts: JLPT stories => podcasts by JLPT level

  • Not podcast, but they have books and audio: todaku graded readers => look for the free web readers at the end of the page.

  • Not really beginner, but they do have transcripts and translation online: News in slow Japanese => actually, I think this one is more at intermediate level. Even though they have a slow version, it makes more fun to listen when you have enough vocab under you belt :slight_smile:


I second this. They are really worth their money. If you purchase, do it with the discount code VIP65 for a significant saving.

I love listening to this podcast at work. It’s pretty relaxing too.

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ok this is a podcast that I bookmarked for later, so I’m not sure if this will fit for beginners. Also, its technically a podcast for Japanese learning English, but from skimming through there is a fair amount of both.

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I’ve been enjoying this one lately:

Very natural conversation. It’s girl talk, but they go over vocab at the end and their conversation is more like the way real people talk to each other in Japan than someone like Teppei.


I am with Japanesepod101. It really is wonderful. I’ve just taken out a discounted monthly premium subscription. But I can’t seem to find short audios for beginners there. I can see where there are audios but within lessons. Which is great but I’d like to see if they have seperate audios