Beginner podcasts?

Can anyone recommend a good beginner/simple Japanese podcast?


Here’s a couple I like


I second @nazan 's recommendations, and there’s also this tofugu article :


In addition to the ones mentioned, try Learn Japanese with K. He speaks slowly and tries to explain the more difficult words in simple Japanese. It’s not easy but it’s one of the easier ones out there.

Thank you very much for all the suggestions! I’ll check them all out, I need some easy media to practice listening. I appreciate the help!


I’m a huge fan of “Mimoko to Nihongo”! I listen with Spotify, but she is also on Apple Music as well. Her podcast is relaxing and always has interesting topics. She occasionally uses English to clarify something that she said, which I find helpful because it helps me check if my understanding was correct. I think she’s on hiatus but has 125 episodes available (each episode around 10 minutes or so).

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