Beginners Discord

Hey everyone, it’s been a few months, so that means it’s time to post the link to a Discord a few of us started (close to half a year ago) just to chat and discuss practicing Japanese.

It’d be nice to be able to chat with some other beginners, but anyone at any level is free to join!

Congregation of the Crabigator Children <-------Here is the Discord Link

Average level of current members is around the low-mid 10’s.


This discord has kept me highly motivated over the last six months, and I’ve also met some awesome people! We’d love to have some more eager learners in our happy little congregation!


The channel is a great place to seek advice, or just chat about your experiences in learning Japanese! Everyone there is very supportive and we have some high-level members that are great at answering questions and helping those of us that are lower-level. And we are also great at calling each other out when we start to slack. ;p


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Hey guys, sorry to resurrect an old post. Is this discord still active? The invite link is invalid, could you guys post a fresh one if the server is still alive? Thanks!

Here’s a new link that won’t expire


It hasn’t been as active as it used to but we still interact every now and then.

Thank you!