Beginner question about the use of “たい” as “I want”

Hi guys! I’m a total beginner (currently level 5) and I’m trying to start forming my own sentences. Would 写るたい be correct for trying to say “i want to be photographed”? It’s really difficult to find online if this is the case or not and why. Thank you so much for your help!

The ~たい ending attaches to the ~い stem of a verb, so it’d be 写りたい.

That’s a curious thing to say, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that something like 写真を撮ってください is more natural (please take a photo)


For want think of it as this formula ~る:ーる+たい (e.g. 食べる→食べたい)~う:う→い+たい(e.g. 話す→話したい)写る is a う verb. (する(したい) and くる(きたい) are irregulars)

So 写る is used normally when your talking about things already in a picture. So like zyoeru said, 僕の写真をとってください would be natural (please take a picture of me).

(also 写る doesn’t just mean to be photographed, it can also mean “to be reflected”)

I think other people brought this up indirectly, but in Japanese you don’t typically use たい for requests. Like in English we might say “I want my picture taken (so please do it)” or “Do you want your picture taken?” Whereas in Japanese they’d instead phrase it like “Shall I take your picture? / Let’s take a picture?” (写真を撮りましょうか). And for “I’d like my picture taken”, it would be 写真を撮ってください “please take a picture”. You can say “写真を撮ってもらいたい” (I want someone to take my picture), but that’s like a personal expression of your desires that you might think to yourself or say out loud when talking about things you want to do in the future, and wouldn’t be used as a request. I’m not sure whether you were wanting a sentence that was a request or just a discussion about what you were thinking, but I hope that’s helpful.


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