How to list several wants/desires


I am in a bit of a pinch and I was hoping someone could help me out. How do you list several things that you want to do?
Is it incorrect to use て-form with ~たい (as in this example: テレビを見て、友達と遊んで、海で泳ぎたいです。) It feels incorrect to me, would it be better to use それとこれをやりたいです。? Could someone please make a correct example sentence?

Thank you very much! :sauropod:

You could use ~たり~たりする and then apply たい to する.


~とか~とかする would also work, but I think it feels more casual. Not sure what your intent is.


I think とか also generally feels more like you’re just lobbing possibilities out there and these aren’t close to concrete plans.


you can put them in a row, too.


Thank you very much!!

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Thank you very much!(^-^)

This is not grammatically wrong, but the meaning might not be what you have in mind. It sounds like you want to do these things in this order. So maybe if you are describing your plans for a holiday, it could work.

先ずは車を借りて、伊豆までドライブして、美味しいごはんを食べて、どこかの露天風呂付のホテルに泊まりたい! (totally ok Japanese)

But if you want to say parallel/unrelated multiple things you would like to do, like different ideas for the weekend, とか or たり would be better, indeed.


Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

It is an assignment for class, albeit, I think I am lacking some grammar knowledge to make it sound natural. I’ll just let my teacher know that I was not entirely certain how to do this. I’ll keep this in mind!!

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