Needing tips on getting back into WaniKani

So a while ago I got super stressed with school work and other life stuff so I decided to put WaniKani on vacation mode for a while so I could take a mental break. Fast forward to several months later (much later than I’d originally anticipated) and I’m finally feeling motivated to get back into WaniKani and catch up. The only issue is that I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up after probably forgetting a lot of vocab and some Kanji. Does anyone have any tips on getting back into WaniKani?


If it were me, I would just try to do lessons again like I never stopped. I would probably fail pretty hard and get most of them wrong, but I like to think that the knowledge stays buried in my brain rather than I just forget things. Maybe it’ll work the same for you.


Honestly I’d just let the SRS do its work; it’ll be faster than resetting your level and having to re-guru everything. I took a week off of WK for vacation, and coming back even after that short amount of time was . . . frustrating to say the least. However, everything sorted itself out after about a week.


I found making time commitments rather than progression commitments helped me get back on track after a long break.I just decided I would do reviews for half an hour each day (getting a lot wrong possibly) until my reviews became manageable.
I actually still do WaniKani half an hour each day (or about) which is about the time it takes for me to do my reviews and 14 lessons every day (I have my lesson counter set to seven at a time). This feels easy enough to me, and gets me through each level between 12 and 15 days. Slower pace than I had before for sure, but it’s sticking, and it also encourages me to spend my extra study time studying stuff other than Kanji :slight_smile:
hoping to take N3 this December, and should be around level 32 or 33 by then if I stay on pace. That will get me over 90 % of the N3 Kanji


I took a few months off when I was level 6, and when I came back, first I whittled down my review pile - about 100 per day - until they were all done. Then I eased back into lessons, starting with just 3 per day and gradually increasing the number of lessons over time until I felt settled in a new rhythm.

Overall, both before and after the break, my pace is pretty slow compared to many people, so you might not have to ease in as gradually as I did. If you’re feeling motivated, I think you should be fine getting back into it, and not have to reset or anything drastic like that.

Don’t worry if your accuracy is low; the SRS will sort things out to where they belong, and if you review the info on the ones you get wrong, you’ll be able to bring them back up anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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