Became a tad overwhelmed

Burnout usually happens because you spend a lot of time on something and you lose interest in it for some time. Doing reviews in small chunks can make it be a filler task of sorts. It’s like when you can’t do anything, so you scroll reddit or instagram or tiktok, whatever floats your boat. Once it’s a filler like that, it’s really really hard to burn out. It will be your brain’s way to “switch off” for a bit.


Check your leech. How many did you get? A lot of leeches might demotivate you since you feel not progressing and reviewing the same items repeatedly. Try tackling it first. There’s a lot of topics covering leech in this forum.

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Thanks for your advice!

I still have no idea how the wrap up button works, actually, and noticed it a few times wondering what exactly it did. I guess I thought I was doing everything right until it came crashing down.

I should really implement more formal study methods too. I was studying a textbook for a while and do have a notebook, and plus it could give me good writing practice so that’s good to use.

It takes all the items you’ve started already and only gives you the task of getting the other half, so you can finish your reviews there and then, no new items

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For a pretty bad procrastinator like me … and, dare I say, a redditor, this is probably one of my best bets to change up my habits and make this more doable again.

They have a section for leeches? Or is this just off of what I know? Certainly are a good amount I can recall that are constantly, constantly coming back.

Oh wow that is something worth knowing, thank you!

I really did not consider that that could be a problem. No idea why. I figured it was fine to have a lot of those but my reasoning for that I could not tell you. I’m gonna absolutely try to keep it lower.

Good luck on that.

Another advice I have, tho you might not be the same as me. I tend to go and try to do hard things I probably can’t yet (read manga, try to pick out words, these sorts of stuff). You will probably fail, or it will be so hard, that it won’t be worth it.
…then comes that nagging feeling that you’re not good enough and you’ve gotten yourself a very toxic-but-not-toxic drive to make yourself better and be able to do that thing.


I’m trying to stay within my wheelhouse. I’ve attempted to read some things, and I love finding vocab in the wild that I actually understand, but reading full on manga is just a dream for me at the moment. It has been disheartening however because I’ve dropped off from Wanikani and my grammar studying so all of this support is a nice pick-me-up.

Check this thread. It’s a good one to identify and clear the leeches. The first step would be to break down what caused your problem. Leeches might be one of them.

Definitely don’t reset. It’s not going to solve your problem if you can’t identify them in the first place.
I wasted a year to get back to my original level.

If your problem is motivation, try distracting yourself with some manga, movie, drama, anime, or whatever to keep you motivated. Study a little bit of grammar and reading some graded readers. I suggest learning N5 materials. N5 reading is easier than reading manga as there is a lot of hiragana. You can also use DuoLingo or LingoDeer to make your life more fun. I know that doing WK is not fun (at least for me).

To reduce some stress, I turn off toast up/down and SRS level on FlamingDurtles so I don’t know what SRS level I get when finishing the item. Also, it makes me stop worrying whether or not the item level is up to Guru or not. Just finishing the review is good enough for me without worrying about the accuracy or level up.

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Definitely tackle your existing review pile before taking on any new lessons. Once your daily review workload is back to being manageable again, I recommend coming up with some sort of consistent schedule for your lessons to help manage the workload.

Have you read The Ultimate Guide to WK? There are lots of tips in there about creating a schedule and fitting WK around your life. I’m going about half full speed myself (so, two week level up times instead of one week), and I do about 10-13 lessons every day. It equates to a little over half an hour a day on WK total, split up into three or four sessions (only ten or fifteen minutes each, rarely any more than that). I highly recommend doing a consistent number of lessons a day instead of binging them, because it evens out the overall workload and makes it easier to make WK into a daily habit without getting burnt out or overwhelmed.


No problem! That’s what the forums are for, right? Helping you learn more :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m glad to have gotten the experience, but I definitely don’t want to take it again now, although I’ll probably end up doing so. I think as long as you do the practice tests correctly and don’t need an official score, practice tests are better imo.

It’s not quite a speedrunning script, but rather a reorder script I use to help me speedrun.

Are you reading/watching anything outside WK? The SRS model is to test your memory in the most efficient way and not necessarily to help you learn. I know you mentioned a textbook, but it doesn’t hurt to add native materials too

On regular WK and the whatever the popular iphone app is, wrap up gives you 10 final items to finish up instead.

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Really? Then sorry for the misinformation


Yes, this is some good solid advice for sure.

It really was a game changer for me when I started using the Wanikani Later Crabigator script (gotta love that name also :joy: :crabigator: ) .

If it hasn’t been posted already, here it is!


That’s the name of it!!


Someone else mentioned this as well, but here is a link to the Guide by Jprspereira.

It’s long, so don’t feel the need to read the entire thing, but it does have some really helpful information about how WK works, setting up a schedule that works for you, and getting scripts (Since you mentioned that). It was really helpful for me when I first started WK, so hopefully you can get some use out of it too!

EDIT: Just saw that someone else already linked this a few posts above - just goes to show how great the guide is!

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I recently found myself with less free time than before to spend on WK. My new rule is, I can only take lessons when my apprentice pile is <90 (and then only the amount of lessons to get me back up there).

This has slowed my level progress tremendously, but so what? I’m probably retaining what I am learning better this way anyway :). It’s not a race! I’m also excited when I get to tackle new lessons now.

Highly recommend setting a similar rule for yourself, if you want to get things under control and manageable.


No problem!

Don’t take it too seriously either, Wanikani is a tool to help you learn at the end of the day, trying to overdo it and race through stuff as quickly as possible will stress you out and lead to burnout faster, at least that’s what I’ve found in my 3+ years of failed study :stuck_out_tongue:


Even dust when piled up, becomes a mountain. If you hit the wrap up button at the very beginning of your review, it will only give you 10 to review. After starting to use that I found myself thinking “ok I’ll do just 10 more”. Every session makes you a little better, even if you only do 10 kanji, that’s still 10 more! Even if, like me, you get only 30-40% after coming back from a break, that’s still progress, it still counts! The “Wrap Up” button saved my ass so many times because I could stop my giant reviews early as soon as I noticed burnout creeping in and ruining my enjoyment. Now if I see a big review stack coming I actually get excited about it :smiley:

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Just got my first 1000 review today so I feel the pain. You got this!!

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