Be my language partner

Does anyone want to be a language partner with me? I have a pen pal of sorts on reddit, but I’d really like to make another. If you can devote a little time a week to chatting with me in Japanese, I’d be honored. I don’t want to do Skype or anything video related. I’m not ready for that. But chatting, maybe on Reddit or italki is cool. Or if you have a phone number, and you don’t mind sharing, that’d be awesome. I found and started using TextFugu in 2011. I was still in High School and gave up. I restarted in 2017 and I haven’t quit. I also use WaniKani; I’m only at lvl 3–that doesn’t reflect my vocab, I have yet to pay for a subscription. I’ve amassed an average of 1500 words in my Anki decks. I’m looking to practice a growing vocabulary, grammar and learn new words.


I’m down! In fact, I was just thinking about finding someone to practice regularly with. I don’t really have a reddit or italki account but I can make one dedicated for just that.

My level is somewhere around N3 currently, although I definitely still make some grammar mistakes.

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Hello, I was about to pop the question, I am looking also for a speaking partner.

I am better at writing and reading than speaking and I always wanted to improve my skills.
I am level 9 almost level 10, so I have the vocabulary but actually very few occasion to practice and develop my skills.

Compare to you, guys, I might be a little bit behind as I might take more than 1 minute to make one sentence. :frowning:

But if you guys are willing to be patient and easy on me, I will love to join :slight_smile:

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Awesome, and I’d love for you to join as well /u/laurenbulgogi

My reddit handle is u/lunarman52, if you guy’s could send me yours’. If you just want to use that, it’s fine or if you have another idea. You should b able to find me under Yusef on Italki,


Sorry for the late response, I only saw this post just now! I’ll be making an account on reddit later tonight with this same username (granted it isn’t already taken, tho I doubt it will be!). My timezone is +8 GMT. I thought it might be important to consider the differences in time zones. I will message you on reddit as soon as I can!

No update on the reddit thing

Hi, I’m looking for a pen pal to start practicing reading and writing with. I’m only just starting out but so it won’t be the most exciting conversation ever.

I think it would be even funnier to make it not 1 on 1 but maybe in group of four people. What do you think about that? My level is N2/N1.

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I am also interested!

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